Justin Bieber Fans Show Their Intense Devotion On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Justin Bieber’s Fans Give Him A Clean Pass For, Well, Everything [Video]

Justin Bieber’s avatar-like persona among his legion of fans (aka ‘Beliebers’) was hilariously sent up in a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday, to mark the singer’s dual dates at the Staples Center.

The segment is a regular item on the show called “Lie Witness News,” and last night was the Justin Bieber Edition.

A roving interviewer was dispatched to outside (or near) the Staples Center, and fans in the vicinity were asked for their opinions on obviously insane statements or scenarios to find out how blindly devoted they were to the teen star.

Contexted by the acutely polarized place the 19-year-old now occupies in our post-Bieber Fever landscape, the video basically sets up Bieber fans’ (vastly generalized) reputation for a total lack of critical thought when it comes to their idol.

Unfair criticism? Tell me after 3.46 minutes.

It’s a truly funny clip. You”ll see all of the jokes when you hit play, but a few that stand out are:

1: PETA’s upset at Justin Bieber because his new Bentley has tires made out of baby seals? Do you think they should just leave him alone?

Fan: Yeah! Because he can do whatever he wants. Yeah! He’s like the King of Pop.

2: Now Justin has said that because of his touring schedule, he doesn’t have time to learn how to read. Do you think he needs to learn how to read?

Fan: No, he’s perfect the way he is.

3: Do you think Justin Bieber meant it when he peed on the American flag?

Fan: No, I don’t think he did. He’s just being a teenager.

4: Over a game of cribbage Justin punched his grandmother in the stomach so hard that she had to go to the hospital. Is that OK?”

Fan: It depends on circumstances, like what was happening before that… well he’s a boy and boys mess around a lot and I don’t think he meant to hurt her.”

Three photoshopped tattoos on Bieber’s body were then shown to the fans, who, incredibly, liked them all — unless that part was scripted.

The tattoos: Mike Tyson with a mustache on the singer’s lower torso, a Judge Judy arm tattoo, and a**-baring cat on the front of the singer’s chest with his navel in an interesting position.