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Noodling Competition: Giant Catfish Caught By Texas Teen [Video]

A recent noodling competition in Oklahoma was won by a Texas teenager who netted a giant catfish with her bare hands.

Lucy Millsap, 19, won the 14th Annual Okie Noodling Festival after snagging a 72-pound catfish using nothing but her strength and determination. The teenager revealed she has been performing this extraordinary feat since she was five. However, this was her very first competition.

According to Outdoor Life, Millsap beat out 200 other competitors during the noodling competition. When asked what she planned to do with the catfish, the teen said it would probably end up being dinner.

The 72-pound catfish was pulled from Lake Texoma on Saturday. The Huffington Post post reports Millsap was the representative for a handfishing club known as the “Bare Knuckle Babes”

Although the 19-year-old former cheerleader won the noodling competition fair and square, some folks weren’t too happy that she emerged victorious. Apparently a lot of people were very upset that a teenage girl from Texas beat out the boys from Oklahoma.

“Men would walk by and say slurs in my ear, say ‘You couldn’t catch that by yourself.’ I had men go so far as to curse and cuss at me and stuff. I thought, ‘Really? How big was the fish you weighed in? Thirty pounds? I thought so. Nice to meet you, too,” she explained to Tulsa World.

The grumpy guys and the sore losers can say what they want: Millsap walked away from the noodling competition with an enormous catfish and $1,500 in prize money.

In case you were wondering, noodling is the art of catching fish or catfish with your bare hands. According to How Stuff Works, catfish are very strong and can sometimes pull people underwater. Experienced noodlers claim that a person should never attempt this stunt alone.

What do you think about the Texas teenager who won the Oklahoma noodling competition by catching a 72-pound catfish with her bare hands?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]