James McCartney was promoting his new album.

Paul McCartney’s Son Gives Awkward Interview On BBC Breakfast [Video]

Paul McCartney is considerably one of the greatest musicians to ever take the stage and his son James has also ventured into the music business. On Tuesday morning, James appeared on BBC Breakfast for an interview to promote his new album, but it ended up being an awkward conversation for the show’s hosts.

The legendary Beatles’ singer and songwriter obviously needs to have a talk with his son about connecting with the media. James was particularly quiet throughout the interview, which made things awkward for everyone involved, including viewers around the world.

His music isn’t the problem, but he could definitely use some public relations help. The 35-year-old struggled to answer questions from hosts Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid. They both spent the majority of the time talking while James would chime in for a quick second here and there.

His first response pretty much sums up the entire interview. It all began when the presenters talked about his US tour and said, “that sounds pretty tiring,” which Paul McCartney’s son replied, “yeah.”

Reid was looking for a little more elaboration, so she added, “was it?” James responded but there wasn’t much behind it as he said, “No it was OK. It was good fun.”

He never got into detail about anything, which you would expect from someone who is trying to promote his album. When asked if it was a prerequisite to play “all sorts of different instruments,” James once again seemed confused and at a loss of words.

“Is it? Not really. But for me it is… No, I don’t know,” he replied.

Maybe James was trying to play it cool and it just didn’t pan out, but either way he’s receiving plenty of attention now after the interview. Some fans even took to Twitter to share their thoughts, calling James’ interview “excruciating” to watch.

Do you think Paul McCartney will talk to his son James about the awkward interview?

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