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Paul McCartney’s Son Gives Awkward Interview On BBC Breakfast [Video]

James McCartney was promoting his new album.

Paul McCartney is considerably one of the greatest musicians to ever take the stage and his son James has also ventured into the music business. On Tuesday morning, James appeared on BBC Breakfast for an interview to promote his new album, but it ended up being an awkward conversation for the show’s hosts.

The legendary Beatles’ singer and songwriter obviously needs to have a talk with his son about connecting with the media. James was particularly quiet throughout the interview, which made things awkward for everyone involved, including viewers around the world.

His music isn’t the problem, but he could definitely use some public relations help. The 35-year-old struggled to answer questions from hosts Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid. They both spent the majority of the time talking while James would chime in for a quick second here and there.

His first response pretty much sums up the entire interview. It all began when the presenters talked about his US tour and said, “that sounds pretty tiring,” which Paul McCartney’s son replied, “yeah.”

Reid was looking for a little more elaboration, so she added, “was it?” James responded but there wasn’t much behind it as he said, “No it was OK. It was good fun.”

He never got into detail about anything, which you would expect from someone who is trying to promote his album. When asked if it was a prerequisite to play “all sorts of different instruments,” James once again seemed confused and at a loss of words.

“Is it? Not really. But for me it is… No, I don’t know,” he replied.

Maybe James was trying to play it cool and it just didn’t pan out, but either way he’s receiving plenty of attention now after the interview. Some fans even took to Twitter to share their thoughts, calling James’ interview “excruciating” to watch.

Do you think Paul McCartney will talk to his son James about the awkward interview?

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27 Responses to “Paul McCartney’s Son Gives Awkward Interview On BBC Breakfast [Video]”

  1. Barbara J Liebowitz

    james mccartney rocks, he is very talented and a wonderful guy so is his whole family, rock on I am proud to call you and your family a Friend.

  2. Richard Miller

    I don't think this is weird in any way. People seem to want him to be his Dad, he's not. He's a nice, quiet guy.

  3. Kevin Corcoran

    What was so awkward or weird about that? I thought James M. handled it well, considering this interview was more about his dad than him.

  4. Gadfly Brewer

    This is the first I have heard of James.
    I don't find anything "awkward" or weird or stange about it any way.
    I guess y'all feel that you have to use [sensational] headlines to grab readers.

  5. Keri Clingan Butcher

    James is amazingly talented and has been out in every stage imaginable promoting his wonderful debut album. He has a huge fan base here in the States! I didn't find Him awkward in the least. If anything, it was painful to watch two professionals that obviously didn't do any research about their quest… Great Job James!!!!

  6. Arie Shively

    Yeah, James did fine. I wasn't impressed with the interviewers. They focused too much on his dad & not enough on him.

  7. Anonymous

    I feel rather sorry for him because no matter what he does in life, he’ll ALWAYS be viewed as “Paul McCartney’s son.” In fact, when this news story became a top trend on the Internet this morning the heading wasn’t “James McCartney.” It was “Paul McCartney,” even though the story wasn’t about dad. When you’re the son of the world’s most successful songwriter of the greatest group in music history, the pressure has to be tremendous.

  8. Eric Borgia

    I don't get it. They're making a story out of nothing. Imagine the media doing that, lol. Sounds like an incredibly grounded and cool dude, which is really a miracle if you think about it. Cheers to James.

  9. Heather Humphrey

    He did absolutely fine, and I don't understand why the media is making this out to be 'awkward' at all. They kept talking about his father and if they want to know about his dad, why not ask PAUL to interview instead? James was there to discuss his music, not his father. :( I feel so sorry for celebrity children who just want to make a name for themselves and NOT be hassled about their parents. Bravo to James.

  10. Mick Holland

    …they can be complete arseholes on BBC Breakfast….talk about dumbing down…grrrr.

  11. Anonymous

    The problem is definitely the hosts. Any good interviewer knows that you always asked open ended questions to get better responses. You should not ask questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no". Maybe Paul shoud talk to Turnbull and Ried about how to ask questions.

  12. Diann Borst

    It was the interviewers that made this awkward, not James!

  13. Joseph Lasario

    Why do they say in the first sentence " Paul McCartney is considerably one of the greatest musicians" One of the greatest. Please explain to me who even comes close to doing anything as remarkable as what the Beatles did and we all know Paul was a major songwriter in them , The most successful rock band in History, that coupled with his huge success as the leader of Wings and their many accomplishments. Please tell me who even comes close to him, had John Lennon not taken off five years from music writing to raise his son only those two would be running neck and neck right now. Will you dummies please listen to all the wonderful songs John wrote after his departure from The Beatles. John died within three weeks of releasing his comeback Double fantasy album and it won the Grammy of the year. Paul McCartney is without a doubt the greatest musician to ever grace the planet. the only one near him would be John Lennon, but like this sick world he was gunned down. The Guinness Book of World Records has Paul McCartney listed as the greatest composer of all time. Go read it. I am so sick of people writing about Paul McCartney and really do not even know the magnitude of his contribution to rock and roll. Beatles have 19 count them 19 number 1 albums and in second place is The Rolling Stones with 9, not even half. Give Paul, John, George and Ringo their due. The Beatles have released as many #1 hits as solo artists than Elvis did. The Beatles hold the all time record for #1 hits in America with 20. Not to include the songs they helped other artists go to the top with. Paul McCartney wrote " A world without Love" and gave it to Peter Asher of Peter and Gordon because he was dating Jane his sister. John Lennon sings and helps David Bowie in his song Fame and the list goes on and on. Really what do you have to consider?

  14. Cookie Ten

    What the hell are they talking about awkward? He wasn't awkward at all. Neither was the interview. It was a good interview. And no last names are needed when u speak of John, George, Ringo or Mick, Keith, Ron, etc. Love Paul McCartney ( my ALL-TIME FAVORITE song in the WORLD is "Oh Darling". I'm glad James is into Music like his dad. It's in the Blood :). More music for the world to enjoy!

  15. Anonymous

    James seems more bored than awkward. The lady host seems to be ready to crack up laughing which is very unprofessional. Also she isn't sitting very professionally. Both hosts seem to keep wanted to know about his father's role in the project and that's not very cool. I'd say the title of this article should say "Unprofessional TV presenters annoy James".

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