Atlanta PD Tickets For Traffic Violations Tied To Cops Pay Raises

Atlanta PD Tickets For Traffic Violations Tied To Cops Pay Raises

Atlanta PD tickets for traffic violations are being tied to pay raises for cops according to a police union.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ohio courts determined traffic speeding tickets can’t be handed out based upon a guesstimate by a police officer.

But Atlanta PD tickets are destined to be even more controversial if the rumors of traffic tickets being tied to pay raises are true.

An email from police union President Ken Allen claims new budget restrictions are forcing police officer’s pay raises to be funded through Atlanta PD traffic tickets and court revenue:

“The mayor has designated traffic court/ticket revenue for future pay increases  …  (This is) the first time ever that a revenue stream has been designated to salaries. Future pay increases are in our hands. We need only enforce traffic violations as we are now, but increase our attendance in court to prevent cases being dismissed.”

Citizens of Atlanta are apparently worried that police officers will increase the number of speeding tickets and other traffic violations in order to see their salaries raise in the future since linking pay raises to tickets creates an incentive for police to issue more citations.

Atlanta’s Mayor insists there’s no official push for the volume of Atlanta PD tickets to increase:

“There is no push to increase revenues through the writing of additional tickets.”

Do you think Atlanta PD tickets should be tied to the salaries of police officers?