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Bill Cowher Crashes His Mercedes In New York City

Bill Cowher Crashes His Mercedes In New York City

Bill Cowher never saw the hit coming.

The analyst and former Super Bowl-winning coach was driving on Park Avenue in New York City on Sunday when a woman driving a Ford Fusion suddenly appeared in front of him, cutting off his Mercedes. Cowher hit the woman’s car before careening into some scaffolding.

The 56-year-old Cowher laid a pretty good hit himself, something he would have been proud of had it been one of his defenders with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He cracked a pole and sent some construction material tumbling down, but luckily no one was hurt.

The New York Daily News published a photo of the crash’s aftermath, with a laid-back Bill Cowher wearing sandals and a coral-colored t-shirt as he talked to police officers. Cowher appeared cool and unfazed by the incident, definitely a change from his fiery demeanor on the NFL sidelines.

Bill Cowher has been away from the crashes and violence of the NFL for the last six years. He left the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007 after 15 season with the team, but is now an analyst for The NFL Today on CBS.

There have been many rumors that Cowher is could be getting back into coaching. In the past several years he has been reportedly been offered several jobs but turned them down to remain in the television studio with CBS. This year, as several non-playoff bound teams fired their head coaches, Cowher emerged as a candidate once again.

Some NFL insiders believe that Cowher is just waiting for the right opening, a team with a strong quarterback in place and supportive ownership. So while openings like the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns haven’t stirred him, Cowher could be waiting for a longtime coach like Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin to retire.

Maybe the car crash will remind Bill Cowher what awaits him in the NFL.

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13 Responses to “Bill Cowher Crashes His Mercedes In New York City”

  1. Jeffrey L Harman

    the Bill Cowher story is very gut wrenching and thank you Lord for sparing his life as I personally would like to see him in either Pittsburgh / Cleveland where he got his start as a player…..Thank You again LORD JESUS CHRIST!

  2. Anonymous

    No actual details of the accident in this story. I didn't read where any of the attending cops took a breathalizer on him. Another case of cops looking the other way when sports celebrities of beautiful women are involved?

  3. Brad Henneman

    Man, talk about an article that was "over-written"…send that kid back to the mailroom.

  4. Tom Johnston

    looks like Trevor Traffic has an issue with the NYC PD, if the traffic officer doesn't smell alcohol why take a test.

  5. Anonymous

    Cower always was a class act. Glad he is not hurt. Nice to see a positive story once in awhile.

  6. Darren Maurice Sherrill

    In other news, Don Shula reportedly farted in the White House during his visit as part of a ceremony honoring the undefeated '72 Dolphins. President Obama, who was startled by the exploding fart, was quoted as saying," Ah hell nah! Its smells like the inside of a dolphins ass in here". Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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