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Paula Deen’s Racist Comments Are Increasing Sales At Her Southern Restaurant

Paula Deen Restaurant

Paula Deen’s racist comments have earned her some loyal fans in the south, so many fans in fact that her Georgia restaurant The Lady and Sons, which is  located in the heart of Savannah, is experiencing lines out the door.

The Food Network fired its long-time host on Friday after she awkwardly apologized for using racial slurs against black people. In her comments, Paula Deen admitted to having a fantasy about a plantation-themed wedding for her brother, a wedding that would include well-dressed black male servants.

On Saturday morning, long lines of white diners waited outside Deen’s restaurant to support the former Food Network star. Those mostly white, supporters matched the demographic that stood beside Paula Deen on her Facebook page after she was removed from the Food Network roster.

Comments in support of Paula Deen include Dick Jackson, a white man from Missouri who wrote:

“Everybody in the South over 60 used the N-word at some time or the other in the past.”

But it wasn’t just white diners. A few African-Americans also showed up at Paula Deen’s restaurant on Saturday. The common theme among Paula Deen’s African-American supporters is that racial slurs can’t be marginalized against whites until African-Americans also stop using the word in speaking about their own race.

Many of the diners admit that they don’t agree with Paula Deen’s use of racial slurs in the past, but they do admit that her inability to articulate her “racial evolution” has hurt her attempts at repairing a badly damaged public image. Indeed, Paula Deen attempted to issue an apology, but her YouTube video was so awkward that it was quickly pulled from the social video platform.

In a public statement, Paula Deen said:

“I was wrong, yes, I’ve worked hard, and I have made mistakes, but that is no excuse and I offer my sincere apology to those that I have hurt, and I hope that you forgive me because this comes from the deepest part of my heart.”

In the meantime, Paula Deen’s racist past has managed to further open a dialogue about racism and where it currently stands in America.

Paul Deen’s great-grandfather owned upwards of 30 slaves, and she was born into an era of Jim Crow laws. Many people born in her era, especially in the south, were raised in racism-filled households. Paula Deen is now claiming that she has grown to learn the error of the ways in which she was raised. The real question over time will be whether or not people choose to believe that Ms. Deen has really reformed.

Do you stand with or against Paula Deen?

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55 Responses to “Paula Deen’s Racist Comments Are Increasing Sales At Her Southern Restaurant”

  1. Jean Max Dorsinville

    The problem with Paula Deen is that she suffers from an acute case of Loose Lips, therefore, using the N word in the 21st century is NOT acceptable.

  2. Subrina Montgomery

    Two axe handles and a can of copenhagen across the backside, look at those people. Paula really should consider limiting the butter in her recipes.

  3. Chef Michelle Tadeo-Hernandez

    What I don't understand is why the black people feel they are entitled, what about the asian-americans, hispanic-americans etc….Paula has apologized and what is appalling is that the blacks cannot accept it, why is it OK for black people to say the 'N' word to one another but when we say it we are fucked up idiots…….that's why black people can never get over it, they don't know how to forgive……downtown that male them just as prejudice that painting the kettle. Black…..whatever get over it…….Glad Paula will succeed through what everyone feels she is going to fail…….Whippoorwill Go Paula Seen my butter queen…

  4. Richard Montgomery

    Besides when this group gets through talking and chewing with their mouths full and resting their elbows on the tables, Paula's regular clientele are going to be scared away.

  5. Richard Montgomery

    Besides, when this group gets through talking and chewing with their mouths full and resting their elbows on the tables, Paula's regular clientele are going to be scared away.

  6. Jean Max Dorsinville

    The knuckle dragging fifth grade educated meth addicted racists are a slowly dying breed. Their apologists don't have the brains to understand.

  7. Debby Gollobit

    Yes.. and when their own race starts to learn it's not acceptable to use the "N" word themselves, only then will it get better for everyone.

  8. Bill Volckening

    Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but…generally speaking, southerners, the caucasian ones, don't seem to realize they are terribly racist. It's like they missed the memo about the civil rights movement. They fumble around with what to call "the blacks" or "negros", oblivious to the more widely accepted and politically correct term, African-American. The term caucasian southerners truly prefer is the one they use amongst themselves, and that's the "N" word. Deen isn't the only southerner who likes to employ African-Americans to be jiggaboos at parties. Southerners think it's cute and funny to have African-Americans serve them. They also think that's the way it should be.

  9. Deborah Becker Eldridge

    Who proof read this article? I'm sick of apologizing for being white. I never owned slaves and I don't think any of my direct kin did either. Ask yourself can you read a history book? The BLACK SLAVE TRADERS sold the blacks into slavery. Suck it up get a job and turn in your Obama Phone.

  10. Dorothy Sledge

    ignorance comes in all forms and you just displayed a major one p,ease do chef Dee Dee big favor and block her providing she haven't already blocked you

  11. Kathryn Carbone

    People will buy anything. If this lot wants to eat up Paula Deen's nasty heart attack-inducing food then good luck.

  12. Steve Elder

    Why do you and your liberal crowed think they have the right to tell others how to live their life's what to eat what to drink, what to think. I am not trying to be an ass I just want to know why you think you have the right to tell me what I can do in my home 2k miles away from your town? I know your getting mad right now wanting to call me a racist or what ever but try and answer my question calmly thanks 8)

  13. Steve Elder

    Get over it! Blacks are 5x more racist than the whites and every body knows it Until the Black community can grow up and accept and address this things cant get better.

  14. Pamieka Adams

    'Black people feel entitled??' You know what I Feel Entitled to?? I feel that I should be treated with respect and not be judged for EVERYTHING ALL black people do. I feel that I should be accepted within society as an educated Black woman and not have to constantly prove my worth to Whites. I feel that I am entitled to the same rights and the same things that all the rest of society receive, BUT it's not like that. See what you fail to realize is that Jim Crow is only 48 years behind us, which means that there are still some VERY racist whites still around and they have taught their children that same ignorance. I don't HAVE to pull 'the race card' because race is always an issue. When people, red, white, brown or black, look at me they FIRST see my color not my education or my skills, but my race. THAT'S REALITY! So how dare you say blacks can't accept something with grace because we have been accepting EVERYTHING with grace, and kindness with our lips closed for YEARS. AND did you know that it is a white woman who actually brought the suit forward? Not a black person. It is always very important to read so that you know all the facts, that way you don't look so much like a fool when the facts are presented. …

  15. Randal Rhea

    Paula Deen successfully convinced the Food Network to put the Neely's on television. If she is so racist, then why did she do that?

  16. John Johnson

    Blacks killing each other over the LeBron James shoe and people are worried about a comment Paula Deen made 3 decades ago? Check the stats on ACT scores, murder rate, out of wedlock births for black society in the USA and get back to me. Blacks in American have a whole lot more to worry about than what Paula Deen allegedly said.

  17. Leigh Nederlander

    Do all these people use the N word? Now,
    I understand why society has such problems. I guess she will make negative comments toward Jews
    and Catholics next.

  18. Michael Manning

    I wonder if the altruistic Lisa Jackson plans to share her new pot of money with all those who have or will lose their jobs as a result of her greed.

  19. Kami Robey

    You're right it shouldn't be tolerated in the 21st century but she is being held accountable for mistakes she made 27 years ago. People change, grow and learn a lot in 27 years.

  20. Michael Cruise

    Steve Elder – the truth? That is one person's perspective on the issue. it hardly qualifies as truth.

  21. Michael Cruise

    Frankly, I hope Deen's fellow southern racists increase their dining out at her establishments. It's their arteries, not mine. The less of them the better, I say. Bon appetit!

  22. Michael Cruise

    Debby Gollobit – Oh is that how it works? Racism will vanish only after black Americans stop using the word themselves? Please.

  23. Michael Cruise

    Kami Robey – this isn't about what she said or did 27 years ago. This is recent and it's ugly. You should familiarize yourself with the case as it has played out in the discovery process.

  24. Michael Cruise

    Woody NinetyNiner Konopak – their seed is not strong. They're fading away.

  25. Michael Cruise

    Steve Elder – Project a little more for us, Steve.

  26. Sally O'Malley

    You can do whatever you like. I'm just saying her food is fattening, and showing support by going to a restaurant that is known for fried Southern food may affect your weight. That said, I don't support the way she knew how hostile and racistthe environment was in her brother's restaurant, nor the way she and her lawyers withheld evidence and are now in contempt. The focus of her lawsuit isn't the n word, but the fact she let a sexual harssing and racist brother run around sharing pornography with employees, refusing to let blacks serve, making them use the back bathroom unlike the white employees, etc.

  27. Sally O'Malley

    Crappy reporting. Why don't you mention the other reasons the lawsuit was brought against her?

  28. Sally O'Malley

    So it's cool if she knows her brother doesn't let the black employees work in the front and be servers?

  29. Faith M Bowe

    Guess what? Diabetes, obesity was around WAY before Paula Deen was! Just like everything else in life………moderation is he key. As far as the other stuff–just cuz its reported by the person suing, doesnt mean its true. I could say anything I wanted when suing someone. Everything has to be proved!

  30. Lori Andres

    This is becoming horrid! Name calling… by you Sally and many more! Isn't that what the accusers are accusing Paula of doing?

  31. Sally O'Malley

    When I call someone a name? I said the environment was hostile.. her brother was sexual harassing – as alleged in the lawsuit.

  32. Subrina Montgomery

    Food TV, Smithfield Hams, Ceasars and now Wal-Mart, yeah it's dying down.

  33. Melissa Auffinger

    I understand that the way we were raised influences the way we think as we are growing up BUT as adults we learn on our own and CORRECT any flaws that we feel are not really representing our heart. We mature, we learn from the past, and we strive to do better than our parents. As God loving people we unite in goodness and bury any evil we may have learned.

  34. Melissa Auffinger

    I understand that the way we were raised influences the way we think as we are growing up BUT as adults we learn on our own and CORRECT any flaws that we feel are not really representing our heart. We mature, we learn from the past, and we strive to do better than our parents. As God loving people we unite in goodness and bury any evil we may have learned.

  35. Scott Jacobs

    As a Southern Georgia cracker, I don't feel African Americans think they are entitled, nor do I think Ms. Deen's confession merits our condemnation. What matter is not what a person was, but what they are becoming. She has apologized, she knows that it was wrong, and that is fine in my book. Let's move out of our hyper-critical, ungenerous society into a more mature acceptance of each other, and our faults.

  36. Carl Stolz

    Then shouldn't the witch hunt be going after Bubba?

  37. Sally O'Malley

    A lot of it is Bubba, but Paula had image consultants tell her it was going on and she ignored it.

  38. Carl Stolz

    I think you are. I'm going to begin the hunt to find out things you've said that you wish you hadn't . Better that it happens now, before you ever get a chance to follow your dreams. Practice this: "Would you like to biggie size that?"

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