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Cyndi Lauper Reflects On Her Gay Advocacy

Lauper has made a crucial impact on the gay community.

Cyndi Lauper, who turned 60-years-old today, recently spent some time reflecting on her advocacy for gay rights. The American signer has had a very successful career over the past five decades and she’s very proud of her accomplishments and her ability to stand up for the gay community.

“Well, I always saw people being discriminated against – my friends and people that I work with,” she said in an interview with Pride Source. “At first, I was going to just take refuge and sing in the clubs at night. I thought, ‘Hey, that’s a lot of fun.’ But when I couldn’t take the conservative straight community, I would run home kind of, and then I started seeing a lot of disparity going on, things that were wrong.”

She noticed the changes that were taking place around her, which affected her in many ways. Someone had to stand up and Cyndi Lauper was ready to make a difference.

“I just felt like, ‘These are my fans. You gotta help them have more love for themselves,'” she went on to say in the interview. “As they were taking civil rights away, I thought, ‘Somebody better say something. And in two seconds, I will.’ And I did.”

The legendary musician has been recognized for her many accomplishments throughout her career, but her advocacy for gay rights has received praise from all over the world, and rightfully so. She’s now noticing that acceptance is slowly getting better and better.

“I think everybody coming from all sides breaks down the walls a little bit. Things are changing,” Lauper added. “You have to just get your foot in the door so it doesn’t close, and then keep widening that door till it opens.”

There’s no debating that she’s considered one of the primary supporters of the gay community within celebrities and public figures. Do you believe Cyndi Lauper has made an impact unlike any other for the advocacy of gay rights?


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7 Responses to “Cyndi Lauper Reflects On Her Gay Advocacy”

  1. Barbara Melton

    Cyndi Lauper has certainly been an out front advocate for Gay Rights as has Cher I think…… Both have awakened awarness to the inequality and the "wrongness" of how our nation has treated some of it's citizens…… Thank God for folks who are not afraid to step up and say… "Hey, This is just not right, we need to change the world"! And indeed the world is slowly becoming more tolerant of all peoples… not matter who they love… or why.

  2. Hope Rivera

    Met Cyndi Lauper very briefly on a trip from Atanta to Dallas. She was doing her true colors tour and the plane was filled with artists and Comedian Margarat Cho. I thanked her for speaking up for me and others like me. I must say she was very gracious and humble.

  3. Alan Mindbender

    "and rightfully so". True journalism is dead, and being replaced with whatever drivel/opinion the writer can cough up. Ironic, more and more journalism students graduate with a degree every year, yet fewer and fewer could report a meteorite to ground impact without telling you how they "feel".

  4. Anonymous

    Always loved Cyndi Lauper since the first time I set eyes on her on MTV in the 80s. She along with others taught me that it was okay to be myself…and I thank them for that.

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