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Corona Teacher Arrested For Alleged Sex On School Grounds [Video]

Corona teacher

A Corona, California teacher at Centennial High School was arrested Thursday on charges that she had sex or oral sex with multiple underage male teenagers. CBS Los Angeles reported that Summer Michelle Hansen, 31, was first investigated Tuesday by Corona Police Department when the Corona-Norco Unified School District notified them that she was possibly having an inappropriate relationship with a former student.

On Thursday, the police served two search warrants in Corona and Riverside to seek evidence. That same day, police arrested the Corona teacher on suspicion of multiple counts of sex with a minor.

Hansen teaches an ungraded life skills class. The reports are scanty, and it isn’t entirely clear whether or not the alleged encounters involved her own students.

CBS Los Angeles said that the complaints didn’t come from Hansen’s students.

However, news station KUSI said that the encounters did take place on school grounds.

Clearly, the investigation is still continuing, and there are a lot of questions that haven’t yet been answered. The Corona Police Department has asked the parents of male students at the school to talk to their children and to contact the department if they have more information.

Just a few days ago, The Inquisitr reported on the arrest of another California teacher, 45-year-old Michele Lynn Johnson, who also is accused of having sex with a minor. The male victim reportedly confessed to his father than he had sex with the Brea Olinda High School math teacher more than once.

Johnson is currently out of jail on a $20,000 bond. She is also on paid administrative leave.

At the time of writing, the Corona teacher was being held without bond in the allegations.

Summer Michelle Hansen mugshot

Summer Michelle Hansen

[Summer Hansen mugshot by Corona Police Department via Los Angeles Times]

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20 Responses to “Corona Teacher Arrested For Alleged Sex On School Grounds [Video]”

  1. Mari Mason

    What is with all these white women having sex with these kids? Good grief!

  2. Ronald Bobeck

    what ya going to do this is not 20 century the artificial age of consent is only a little over 100 Yrs old. remember any bible scholar will tell you that even mary the mother of the Christ.. was no more than 14 or 15. That's true. But because of the need to keep children out of the work force and with "Government Education" "indoctrination" the creation of the creation adolescence to even extend the age of accountable to 18-21 depending on the state. Only possible because of a large a prospers middle class, which is as Dead as the Former Soviet union. by 2030. you will not reconise the USA. The middle class will be all but gone, hence the middle class institutions of the past 100 yrs will vanish too.

  3. Anonymous

    why is she just put on leave , she should be fired. but then the students should be questioned to because they should also know that its not okay to have sex or oral stimulation with a teacher.

  4. Eddie Moure

    Does it have to be white women? How about not being racist and just saying women.

  5. Anonymous

    I guarantee there are no high school male students referring to these boys as victims.

  6. Anonymous

    How horrible it must have been for those teenage boys! Like I didn't dream about that when I was in HS.

  7. Ct Moore

    Because there are guidelines the school has to follow according to the Teacher unions. She will be fired soon

  8. Brendan McMaster

    14 or 15 back then is totally different than today… lifespans go over 40 years old now

  9. ChristophersHome Repairs

    Like it or not, it is a crime. Jokes aside, she's harming these boys, whom she is in charge of. A man would be called a sick predator with a case like this. Equality should mean equal standards of responsibility and punishment.

  10. Peanutbrittle Andeggs

    Eddie Moure nah its the dumb ass old white fat women who figure somehow they getting something good

  11. ChristophersHome Repairs

    Isn't that like saying 'you shouldn't wear that, you should know better' The boys are not the one's to be looking at here. It's the woman in charge, in power, and in the wrong.

  12. Anonymous

    She was teaching a life skills class, sounds like just about the right subject matter.

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