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Man Wears Sandwich Board To Find Kidney For Wife

Man Wears Sandwich Board To Find Kidney For Wife

Larry Swilling is so dedicated to his wife of 59 years that he walks down the streets with a sandwich board, begging people to help him find a kidney for her.

His wife, Jimmie Sue, has needed a kidney for about a year and the 78-year-old man will stop at nothing to find one for her. He has gotten responses from all over the world, but, so far, none of the calls have produced the necessary kidney.

Swilling even walked 250 miles around South Carolina last September, which led to his knee surgery. However, that did not stop his quest to find her a kidney.

“She’s my everything. We’ve been married 57 years. She’s my life,” he said.

The 76-year-old woman needs a donor with O+ blood, so Swilling was very disappointed when he found out he could not be the donor.

“I was hoping it would be me,” Shilling said. “I’m in good shape. But I’m A+. We have three kids – two boys and a daughter, and they’re all A+.”

Jimmie Sue was born with only one kidney and has to go to dialysis twice a week. Her medicine costs a whopping $4,400 a month.

“I’m 78 years old, but I still work, I still have to,” Swilling said. “We’re just hoping every day, every minute, we get the call to head to Charleston for a transplant.”

Sara Parker, a nurse at MUSC’s transplant center said that getting an organ donated is a long and complicated process. She said that the kidney must match the patient’s blood type and the patient must be in good physical health.

However, Parker said that the transplant center is speaking with a promising candidate from California who meets all the preliminary requirements.

What do you think of Swilling’s quest to find his wife a kidney?

[Image via New York Daily News]

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30 Responses to “Man Wears Sandwich Board To Find Kidney For Wife”

  1. Becky Satterfield

    they dont make men like this anymore! i hope the possible kidney is a match so the old guy can have a seat and take a break! god bless him!

  2. Tanesha Alicea

    Wow!! That is a dedicated man and I wish their were more men like him! His wife has his heart and he will stop at nothing that's beautiful. I hope she gets a kidney!!

  3. Amy DeLucca

    u r a great husband she is very lucky to have you.

  4. JJocelyn VVillena-RRobles

    loving husband.. No words to explain…..

  5. Brandilynn Metts

    I left a message with MUSC transplant Ctr admin. I am 29, in good health and O+. Please contact me asap. I also live in VA which is significantly closer to the patient than the possible donor in California. (225)313-1211. I would be honored to help this couple :) -Brandilynn Smith (Metts)

  6. Merian Gregorio Oakes

    Thank you Brandilyn, I pray that your offer is accepted and that everything matches so Jimmie Sue can have the much needed kidney transplant. God bless you!

  7. Mark Losben

    Well, they made one. I'm sure there's a couple more guys like him out there.

  8. Veneta Britt

    Praying for this wonderful man to find his wife a kidney. Wish I could help but because of medical issues I can no longer donate even blood. Blessings on them and whoever finally is able to help her.

  9. Vicki Kieu

    I don't know you but your offering to assist this couple show the world you have such a big heart.. may god be with you always..

  10. Lailane Pendergrass

    God bless you for the gift of life not only to one person but to a couple who are just a living proof true love!!!praying for the surgery to be successful..

  11. Connie Morris

    Brandilynn–You show the world that there are still a lot of amazing people regardless of what the world looks like right now. God Bless You!!!

  12. Xochitl Sandoval

    I'm o+ also and also in California… I"m thirty no drugs, no alcohol, in generally good health… PM to know what hospital to get checked out at for possible kidney donation…

  13. Lacey Klich

    This is terrible she is 76 years old and be it not 100 she has gotten to live a long life. I just looked up how many children need transplants just in the us and it is sad . Think about all those mothers on there knees praying to god everyday and lose their children . Or the families that can't afford health insurance and get turned away . Where are all the bleeding heart's for them where are all the volunteers so ready to give your organs . I want you all to think about this and come back from oz . Even if she gets a kidney it will only serve her a short time . Where if a child were to recive it they have a chance at what she has already gotten to enjoy for 59 years

  14. Charity Ann

    Not true every transplant has the chance to reject the organ leaving who ever received it *may it be a child or adult* in worse shape then they were in before..

  15. Michael Dressor

    Good Luck Brandilynn I donated a kidney last year to a friend and it was the most amazing thing of my life. If I had another one to give I would. There are a lot of test to go through but to know that you can save a persons life, well, there's no other feeling like it. Again, good luck and God Bless…

  16. Pam Bridgeman

    I too am O+ in pretty good health but I cannot donate due to blood problems…i will pray that everyone on here offering to donate will get an opportunity to see if they are a candidate for this wonderful couple…God Bless you all.

  17. Kimber Bogema

    I think that if he gets the word out others will benefit too!
    If it takes this to bring out the bleeding hearts, so be it.

  18. Kimber Bogema

    I have a husband like this. We would go to the ends of the earth for each other.
    If they can spend a few more years influencing others, then it is well worth it!!

  19. Kimber Bogema

    I have a husband like this. We would go to the ends of the earth for each other.
    If they can spend a few more years influencing others, then it is well worth it!!

  20. Tracy Babin

    Did they accept you? Are you a match? Are they still looking? I'm 36 and O+, non smoker and would love to help if they're still looking. Please let me know…. Call or text 225-290-8290. Located near Baton Rouge, LA.

  21. Darleen St Amant Harris

    Brandilynn Metts you are an awesome person…May God bless you! I wanted to help but have O-

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