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Orlando Woman Uses Stun Gun To Punish Child Over Oatmeal [Video]

Orlando woman punishes child with stun gun over oatmeal

An Orlando woman used a stun gun to punish a child over oatmeal.

An Orlando woman allegedly punished her daughter with a stun gun when the child failed to make oatmeal properly. Melissa Neale faces charges of child abuse after taking discipline a bit too far over the preparation of a breakfast food.

Melissa Neale and her two children were staying in someone else’s apartment when the incident happened June 9, according to an arrest affidavit. The apartment renter’s name was not revealed, but sources say she saw 34-year-old Neale touch a stun gun to her daughter’s knee, resulting in the little one falling to the floor and screaming.

Later, the woman whose apartment Melissa Neale was staying in said she found a note on the child‘s dresser indicating that the girl didn’t want to live any more. This was what prompted her to notify authorities and have her guest held legally accountable.

During the three week stay, the apartment’s legal resident witnessed Melissa Neale slapping her children, punching them in the back of the head, and pulling them by their hair around the room on several occasions. The Orlando woman denied the charges of abuse, however, and said the stun gun had been turned off during the oatmeal incident. The stun gun was confiscated as evidence, and the police noted burn marks on her daughter’s leg where the stun gun was apparently used.

Melissa Neale claimed the marks had been made with a spoon.

Former Sheriff’s deputy James Copenhaver told local news that stun guns use sufficient voltage that leaves telltale signs of use, and it is enough to immobilize a fully grown adult. He said, “No matter where you’re impacted … it’s going to cause obviously a red mark, probably puncture wounds, or a burn mark on the skin.”

Melissa Neale has had her children placed with relatives and taken away from her as she was taken into custody.

What do you think of the Orlando woman who punished her daughter with a stun gun? What would you do if your child made oatmeal wrong?

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27 Responses to “Orlando Woman Uses Stun Gun To Punish Child Over Oatmeal [Video]”

  1. Alaina Duval

    This woman is vile she shouldn't have children and a stun gun I would of just showed her how to make it and not use a stun gun as punishment that is just wrong I feel for that baby!

  2. Jean Barber

    Put her in jail and continously pop her with the stun gun all the way to the cell. Never, ever let her have her children back. One will be dead next time.

  3. Melinda Buchanan

    If you don't love your children and do not treat them properly, there are people out there who will. The friend should have told authorities the moment she saw them hitting and pulling their hair. This is so disgusting. What is worse is that she will probably not be in jail long, if at all. I hope she never gets her children back.

  4. Veneta Britt

    Good for whoever she was staying with, however it should not have taken 3 weeks and a stun gun to convince them the woman was abusing her children. At least something got their attention and made them call. I would say she should be stunned several times just to make sure she knows it is not an appropriate punishment for ANY REASON FOR ANY CHILD.

  5. Wayne Webster

    It's time to get this women out of the gene pool. Take away any children and send her away for a long time.

  6. Eryn Stilp

    Hell, I'm an adult and even I screw up making oatmeal sometimes! She's a kid. Make your own food. I HATE lazy parents.
    How about this "mother" gets punched repeatedly in the back of the head, stun gunned over and over, and her hair yanked on. you know, since she thinks this is all acceptable to do to her own CHILDREN. It should be good enough to do to her. Right?
    NEWSFLASH- if your young child leaves a note on her dresser saying she doesn't want to live with you anymore and that she basically hates the life she's living, you majorly f*cked up somewhere along the line of being a parent.

  7. Jaime Johnson

    Ummm teach her how to make it the right way? She's a child, of course she's going to get it wrong a few times. SO WHAT! I really want to slap fire out this trick! This ain't even a reason to scold your child…just teach her the right way…again and again if you need to. I was in the kitchen with my mother starting at 7 years old, learning. And I messed up a lot! I never worried about abuse like this for making a mistake. SMH just sad.

  8. Betty Crabb Robison

    The child is already damaged mentally. All the children have been led to a mentally damaged life. They all need counseling including mom. I am surprised mom had no drugs in her system but the most important thing that should be done is that mom never gets custody of her kids again. Now lets talk punishment.

  9. Evelyn Case

    poor poor child. So messed up already. Grrrrrr. Brake that cycle of abuse.

  10. Sharon Douglas

    I always screwed up oatmeal when I tried to make it, glad I never stayed at this crazy broad's house! Seriously, why doesn't she make her own damn oatmeal and use the instant kind? You should never taser a child and this bimbo is a great example for the argument of forced tubaligations!

  11. Vicky Keenan-Talley

    How horrible heck let someone use that stun gun on the mother for a while let her see how it feels. She doesn't deserve to have her children if that's how she is going to treat them. There is plenty of women who want kids and are unable to have them but jacka**es like this women has kids treats them like crap that's screwed up. Those kids need to be removed from her and the rest of the family.

  12. Donna DeMuro

    First of all, make your own f#cken oatmeal! If she made it wrong, SHOW HER HOW TO DO IT THE RIGHT WAY! I agree with most of the posts here, punch her in the head, tazer her, and pull her hair out by the roots.

  13. Heather Melick

    Just based on the note that the child left on her dresser, the oatmeal wasn't the problem. The mother is an abuser and needs to be kept completely away from all children. The solution? Lock her up and throw away the key! Or electrocute her…

  14. Dan Luis Obispo

    Have NONE of you read Leviticus? Screwing up the oatmeal is punishable by death.

  15. Cathy Wilson Dukes

    First off it's not the child's place to make oatmeal! You don't say how old this girl is but no matter what her age it's the mother's job to fix breakfast for the kids not the other way around! This women needs to be strung up and tazed herself every 5 minutes! This just discuss me that a child says they don't want to live! Wake up people, this is why there is so much meanest in the world today!! God Bless this child!!

  16. Melissa Henry

    My 13 and 11 year old love making grilled cheese and Ramon noodles, if they mess up oh well… They are learning must say though my oldest makes the best grilled cheese ever , but anyways you just laugh and move on its just food you get more at the store…

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