Sony rules out PSP with 3D capabilities

Nintendo stole the show at last week’s E3 expo with its reveal of the 3DS, the world’s first portable games console with stereoscopic 3D. Will Sony be planning a 3D-capable PSP? Nope!

Chatting to IndustryGamers, Sony Worldwide Studios big cheese Scott Rohde said Sony had “no plans for that.” When pushed about the next PSP, Rohde simply added, “It’s just not something we’re announcing right now. It’s just as simple as that. It’s all I can tell you.”

So no 3D PSP just yet, as amazing as a 3D LocoRoco or new Metal Gear Solid title could be; this despite the fact that Sony is pushing 3D television and 3D PlayStation 3 games in a big way. It does make you wonder how Sony can top the 3DS though, particularly now Nintendo has a handheld console with the technical oomph to rival the current PSP gold standard.

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[Via IndustryGamers]