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Bill Cosby Hates Dumb TV Parents

Bill Cosby Hates Dumb TV Parents

Bill Cosby hates dumb TV parents, which probably means he’s not particularly enamored by Family Guy.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a fake Bill Cosby rant titled “I’m 83 and I’m Tired” made the rounds on the internet, making the real Bill Cosby fairly angry.

Speaking at the Temple University in Philadelphia recently, Bill Cosby spoke about the importance of education, but he also made it quite clear he’s not finished with entertainment.

“I’ve had a great deal of success,” Bill Cosby said. “I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done, but I’m not done yet.”

Bill Cosby also has a thing to say about parenting and current pop culture icons:

“I based the [Bill Cosby] series on two important things: Number one … I hated those series where the children were brighter than the parents, and those parents had to play dumb.”

So why does Bill Cosby hate dumb TV parents? Bill Cosby believes that if we create entertainment “at the expense of parenting, at the expense of keeping children out of harm’s way to get these laughs, to make these parents look stupid, to make kids look like they are ultra-bright but still lost, then we have a problem.”

Bill Cosby believes parents should want to be well-liked, but not at the expense of “some kind of judgment.” Bill Cosby believes in tough love parenting, saying that in order to keep children safe it’s better to be right than liked. Which explains why the Bill Cosby character was nothing like Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, Peter Griffin, or Phil Dunphy, who are often only perfect examples of how not to be a parent.

Do you agree with Bill Cosby that dumb TV parents are a bad trend in pop culture?

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73 Responses to “Bill Cosby Hates Dumb TV Parents”

  1. David Lightfoot

    Here's something that will make Bill Cosby APPRECIATE shows like Family Guy and American Dad… Kim KarTrashian and Kanye West just had their first child, and they are the EPITOME of the dumb parents that you hate, Billy. Too bad this birth did not happen on a fictional TV show, but in real life.

  2. Gary Carson

    His is a wise man. Very funny, but very wise. I am in 100 percent agreement with him. All of those shows depicting parents, teachers, principals, etc. as dimwits, while the children as brilliant are ridiculous. They teach a lack of respect that shows especially at school.

  3. Otis Ross


  4. Donna Culbertson Pryor

    Let's just get this out there….I'm a white mother of three boys. I think Bill Cosby has been right on with his observations… He is the voice of reason! I admire him very much!

  5. Anonymous

    You're f'n awesome, Bill. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  6. Juanita Wilson Pratt

    I agree with him 100% and loved his show. I love the comment "I made you, and I can make another one just like you as a replacement", or something to that effect.

  7. Lori Sloan

    I don't feel that Phil Dunphy from "Modern Family" is a dumb dad.. just watch the episode when Hayley got in trouble at college and her parents had to go up there to get her. He really stepped up. As for the rest, yes… they are stupid. I miss "The Cosby Show"… there will never be another family show that good.

  8. Juanita Wilson Pratt

    In the real world, children are brought into the world between a man a woman who love each other and the child is the result of that love to continue into the future. In this world, a child is brought into the world as a celebrity status and to gain some prime time and is sluffed off to the help to raise, and with any luck, it might get a little love.

  9. Vincent Molino

    Or like the writer of this article lumping cartoon character in with real life characters as if Homer & Peter shape family values.

  10. Andre Winter

    And who are the jackasses who write these so called "scripts" , Hmmm?

  11. Anonymous

    While I agree with Bill Cosby on the "dumb parent" stereotype, he was also the catalyst of the "dumb male" stereotype on his show. While he did not play the "dumb parent" stereotype, he did play the "dumb male/husband" role where although he was supposedly a successful doctor, he was always" rescued" by his wife because he couldn't fix anything worth a damn and had no regard for his health and always had to be put in check by his wife. Elvin also played the dimwitted son in law that always needed correction by Claire. Everyone Loves Raymond was even worse…

  12. Anonymous

    who cares if you're white or not? WTF! Your opinion is no less valid or more important because of it. LOL!

  13. Ruth Elaine Hurley

    I agree with Bill Cosby. He is a wise and educated man. His show was funny without making the parents look dumb. The children did not run the house, the parents did. We need more shows with good values and fewer reality shows.

  14. Joe Paretti

    I agree but especially the father's are always the dumbest- important to note on Father's Day.

  15. Marcilyne Song

    Yes! Yes! Yes! He is absolutely correct! I get tired of those shows where the male is so disgusting and incompetent, I don't even know how he knew to have sex with his wife! This is such a dark world, Bill Cosby will probably end up getting stoned to death for speaking the truth.

  16. Peter Leonardis

    peter leonardis
    bill cosby is a bum. he had a child out of wedlock. he hid her from is wife and everyone for 20 years. he never saw the kid and gave the mom a measley 20000 in twenty years. a real great dad a bum. I don't want his bs advice. he is a bum stick his advice up his jello.

  17. Pam Lowenstein Starling

    I wouldn't consider his role as a dumb male, just one who wants to eat what he wants and tries to do the "manly" chores without having the education to do them. I am married to a highly educated man who when left to his own devices will live off of pork and beans and pizza. As for trying to fix things around the house, well… I had a loose shelf I was going to fix when I got back from vacation. Hubby decided he was going to do it for me. I am now minus the shelf and have gained a hole in the wall. I will be fixing it myself later this week. Some men are good at what they are good at even if it isn't nutrition and carpentry. He is great at finances and labor law though.

  18. Andre Carby

    That Elvin character is surprisingly true though(in real life) because a lot of guys dont know how to treat a female.

  19. Peter Leonardis

    why take down my comment. bill cosby is a bum he had a child out of wedlock hid it from his wife and everyone never saw the kid paid her 20000 over 20 years the kids name is autumn Jackson google it cosby is a bum not a father.

  20. Mike Santana

    I know I'm in the minority but bill cosby's whole career has been based on being pretentious, and some how becoming a god-like prescense in the parenting world…its like as if people think the huxtables sp. were real and he made all of those decisions and those made those perfect kids that they had by the end of the show, I really want to know, what sir cosby would have done, with a gay child, a depressed, suicidal child with severe mental health problems that the kid was born with, so you can't wave a magic wand, I'm just going a little to far but I want him to get off his high horse, and get on a pony he has done some stuff, for people to like him, but everything I have ever heard has been people asking for his opinion on children and parenting, or him spitting out his opinion, I don't know I just don't know why a made up character has captivated people to believe in a real person, no one really knows bill cosby personally and those who do will never through that dude under the bus, he might be right on with things he says, but so could your friend, kids teacher, other comedians, which is what he started as, we all forget that, so the joke is on everyone I guess, people still look at him and remember that one episode that related to them as a kid, you can't get mad at that dude, he is perfect, because 7 writers, make-up cameras and other actors/actresses made it that way.

  21. Anonymous

    He said to Theo, "I brought you in to this world, and I can take you out!!"

  22. Jana O'Brien Stuffel

    Bill Cosbys show was based on his comedy skits, which were based on his own experences parenting. He is a parent. And how do You know he DIDNT have to deal with any of those problems among his children? His son was shot to death. Bill Cosby never gave any of us the impression that his life was perfect, nor his children. In fact, his career has been based off the ups and DOWNS he experienced as a parent. None of us believed that the Huxtables were real people, but the problems they experienced as a family were in fact, quite realistic. That is one reason I was able to appreciate Roseanne. That show showed us that sometimes money IS tight, we dont live in grand houses. That show showed us that kids do stupid things, families have issues, lose income, and are not perfect and always sing songy and happy. The Cosby Show did this too. That show dealt with dyslexia, bad grades, breakups, parental spats, sibling rivalry, family problems… much like the topics he covers in his routines, which ARE based on his own experiences parenting. So, no, you dont KNOW that he DIDNT have a child who went through depression, anything else. As I said, his son was murdered. Im willing to bet that affected the rest of the family somehow. . You are assuming people ask him for his advice because of the COSBY SHOW. HE has been doing parenting topics on stage for years before that show. And he has never tried to act as though he were a therapist. If we want to know how he dealt with something, then thats our business. Perhaps we like his approach. Nobody ever says "that Bill Cosby is a perfect man" No, we say, he is funny and we like to hear his stories. And we say about his character, that Dr Huxtable was a likeable man, and was amusing, and his show was clean cut and non offensive, and realistic and classy. And THAT is why we like Bill Cosy the comedian, and why we like Dr Huxtable, the character. So get off your soapbox and take a pill.

  23. Peter Leonardis

    lets have a follow up article on the great mr cosby but this time lets give the facts on the daughter deserting bum he is.

  24. Corey Taylor

    In all fairness to Bill, the sad truth is that dumb parents exist, however, I doubt if the writers of Family Guy, The Simpsons, or American Dad expect their retarded father figures to be taken seriously. Now, REALISTICALLY clueless fathers like Phil Dunphy or Mike Baxter are another matter, because no human with a single Y chromosome can hope to understand the female mind, and there is a vast difference between what the life of a teenager was like in the 60's, 70's, or even 80's, and the lives that today's teen struggle through. Unless people become parents when they are 15 or as old as 25, their concepts(as well as advice) may be 1 or even 2 generations out of date.

  25. Corey Taylor

    I would agree with you 100% if not for the fact that Clair Huxtable was a lawyer whose manner with children showed her absolute ignorance of the concepts of RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT, and especially EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW.

  26. Lola ThePoet Escapist Gomez

    uh have you read his background…he kinda is

  27. Corey Taylor

    Too add to my post, I must regrettably say that the Disney Channel has most likely given us the worst examples of unrealistically dumb parents, which is sadly not limited to fathers. The most glaring examples:
    "A.N.T. Farm" features a father to a musical prodigy of a daughter that he shamelessly favors over his son of normal intelligence. Most unsettling of all is that the man is mentally incompetent in his job… as a San Francisco POLICE OFFICER! In real life, no one would want a man on the force who(as his worst example) goes gift shopping for his kids in the police evidence locker!
    "Good Luck Charlie" features a mother who apparently bought her nursing degree online, because she boasts about being part of EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY GROUP at her community college. Sadly to this day, the woman routinely sabotages her children's attempts to be in dramatic school projects by making changes to put the spotlight on her and no one else. Any woman with this size ego and a complete lack of talent belongs on a reality show, not a family sitcom(I speak of the character, not the actress).
    The cancelled-but-still-airing "Suite Life" portrays a girl whose billionaire father was seen ONCE during the show's entire run, is on his umpteenth-and-counting marriage, and actually PAYS another man an annual salary to raise his daughter. It may hurt her, but perhaps she's better off that he's never around.
    Similarly, "Wizards Of Waverly Place" revolved around a the three kids of a money-obsessed father who cuts expenses to his food-service business with health-code violations, a lack of bathing, and not paying his employees simply because they are his offspring.
    And finally, "Dog With A Blog"(don't ask) portrays TWO ridiculously conceited parents in a blended family. The father is a 'child psychologist' who behaves as if he has the mind of a child, while the mother goes out of her way to prove arguments that no sane person would bother to make(i.e., buying and carrying around a flesh-eating parrot to prove she loves animals rather than show any affection to the family dog!).

    In the actual world, these people would most likely be classified as too mentally defective to be trusted with the care of children. There is nothing REALISTIC about these head cases.

  28. Lola ThePoet Escapist Gomez

    I agree with him on this issue he is spot on, but he had an affair and a lot of sex scandals so rather have a dumb hubby than a cheating one.

  29. Anonymous

    Even though a lot of people felt the Cosby Show was unreal at that time, there were many African-American children who had parents like Cliff and Clare Huxtable. But unfortunately, it wasn't televised more or even written about in regular newspaper columns back then. Funny how what so many thought was a myth and a joke of a television show has become one of the most successful television shows in TV history!

  30. Kathryn Elich

    I agree Bill. And we wonder why the dumbing down is not more obvious. The ones who watch the most tv are the kids with little supervision or ability to get some goals going on and they eat up the junk that is in the commercials. – Aim Low is TV's motto. Is it a conspiracy? Well, it's certainly isn't helpful. I just wish Bill Cosby had said something sooner- but he did do the "Come on People!" book – I hope he speaks out more – or creates something helpful for the next generation.

  31. Thia Kantner

    wow, you watch a lot of kids shows, and read WAY to much into them. And I believe the only reason the teens of this generation are different then those of the 60's-80's is BECAUSE of the parenting or the lack of. However, SOme of the shows you mentioned above do teach good values. It is like only seeing the bad in something. I guess it really boils down to, Raise your own damn kids, do let the TV do it for you. Then when something comes on that may seem off beat, you kids will see it for what it is…entertainment.

  32. Thia Kantner

    LMAO. Being a good husband is FAR different then a good father. Because I lov emy kids more then myself.. I would say I would rather have a smart and good father. Now I prefer him to be faithful to me, if not his ass is on the curb.. However if he was a good father, I wouldn't take that from my kids. Just saying.. Big difference.

  33. Marcia Cohen

    Bill Cosby is and has always been a flaming anti-Semite. That should tell you something about his wonderful parents. He can just keep his opinions to himself, I have absolutely NO interest in anything this piece of garbage has to say!

  34. Aleyah-Grace Golson

    Considering that children fall under the jurisdiction of a small monarchy, the idea of following a set constitution for minor infractions is a primitive notion to suggest for a parent. Just saying.

  35. Mike Santana

    yeah that was well said, i thought you said your views very well, but i absolutely loved the little stab you took when you WOULD CAPITALIZE THE WORDS YOU THOUGHT were important…i love roseanne as well one of my top 5 shows ever, but i think it was just a little different, because it was more about a show about family and real lives but cosby just seemed so far away from that and was more like stories and aesop's fables

  36. Signora Vaccari

    Juanita Wilson Pratt LOL- ignorant dogmother. In the real world, children are tax credits who will end up worse off than parent. It is the way. Don't be a fool. Best intention is a failure, and so are you.

  37. Anonymous

    Bill Cosby hates dumb TV parents? Well I couldn't even stand his show because he was such a feckless doormat for his family to wipe their feet on, especially his uppity wife. And he should have been banished from TV for raising such a dumbass as Theo.

  38. Anonymous

    So sorry, Bill is correct. you can also add why most TV shows make the men wimps and gay? Where are the STRONG, smart, Christian. Heterosexual characters?

  39. Terrence Moss-Dujardin

    Phil Dunphy is not a dumb dad. Hapless at times and a klutz, but hardly a dumb dad. He's more like Hal from "Malcolm in the Middle".

  40. Thomas Justagato

    How very wise he is. Too many parents today won't take the reins; they want to be friends to their children. The kids are in charge. I challenge anyone of you who disagree to go sit in the waiting area of a juvenile court and watch the goings on between parent and child as smart ass kids talk back to their parents, address them in disrespectful ways, and do nothing but sigh heavily. The parents sit there with dumbfounded looks on their faces. It's disgusting to see. Today's parents learned from the dimwits on TV about parenting, and it's a damn shame.

  41. Amy Grys

    I have always admired Bill Cosby! I like his position on raising children. His show was a leader in the entertainment business. It combined discipline and humor at the same time. Never lost the focus on lessons learned. Yes he had made some mistakes in his personal life but who of us haven't at one time or other. I would much rather watch reruns of his show than any of the multitude of garbage there is out there now.

  42. Larry Washington

    When I watched the show I saw PROPER parenting. First the parents put their marriage first and the children needed to respect their parents not like them. Today some people focus too much on children, they are the center of all decisions in the house, truly ignorant. When we had our first child my father said simply this: Son your children may be the center of YOUR universe but they are not the center of THE universe. A lesson a lot of people need to learn.

  43. Peter Leonardis

    again all comments on cosby having a illegitimate child taken down. the child is 25 yr old autumn Jackson. cosby never saw her and gave the mom a lousy 20000 over20 yrs. he is a bum a lousy father and full of jello.

  44. Kimberley Frye Danker

    Wish there were more Bill Cosby's in this world. You and I might actually like children then! hehe

  45. Peter Leonardis

    cosby is a deadbeat dad. he had a child out of wedlock. he hid it from his wife and everyone for20yrs. he never saw the kid. he gave the mom a lousy 20000 over 20yrs. a great dad a bum. who wants advice from this low life go to jello google autumn Jackson his forgotten child.

  46. Richard Nicoletti

    Cosby is absolutely right. Why do the writers of these sitcoms make the parents look like idiots while their kids are so with it? They are doing a lot of harm. TV today is more harmful than good.

  47. Donna Culbertson Pryor

    To respecthetown….you are right it shouldn't matter white or not….but you know it does. President Carter said that if someone doesn't like Obama…it is because he is black. So I was just clarifying that even though I'm white…I agree with Cosby.

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