[RUMOR] Give us a Wave: Microsoft Natal gets new name

Project Natal is a rubbish name for a motion-sensing controller, but then nobody seriously expected Microsoft to stick with that for its latest Xbox 360 gizmo.

According to NowGamer, “sources close to Microsoft” have revealed that the final name for Natal will simply be ‘Wave’, and that Microsoft will confirm this detail at next week’s E3 expo in Los Angeles.

Obviously, Microsoft is refusing to comment on the rumors and speculation, though ‘Wave’ is certainly a plausible name. It’s a safe choice, but also simple, memorable, and pretty descriptive of what the Natal experience will involve (though this video suggests ‘Flail’ might be more appropriate).

It’s also similar to Sony’s rival motion-sensing controller, PlayStation Move. Now all each company has to do is make sure people give a damn.

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[Via NOWGamer]