‘Amityville Horror’ house hits market on Long Island

Interesting fun fact: I’m currently typing this a five minute walk away from 108 Ocean Avenue.

Local kids like me ‘know’ that the homeowners who take up residence at the famed “Amityville Horror House” are never amused by the interest in the home, but it might come in handy now that the famous house is up for sale. If you’re unfamiliar with the local (and then national) lore, a mentally disturbed young man killed his entire family in the house back in 1977. Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six of his family members in the home, and is currently serving 25 to life at Green Haven for the crime.

The house itself became a nationwide point of interest after a heavily dramatized movie detailed the 28 days George and Kathleen Lutz lived there before fleeing and selling their story. After the Lutzes’ tale of woe, no subsequent owners reported any paranormal annoyances, breathing doors or viciously slamming windows. (The claims have been widely debunked in intervening years.) Despite the dubious nature of the story, it has maintained a place in the public consciousness, so much so that its impending sale has made international news.

Perhaps the scariest part of the listing is that the home price has jumped from $310,000 in 1997 to $1.15m in 2010.