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Dale Bozzio charged with cat cruelty


Dale Bozzio, the former lead singer of 80s band Missing Persons and Playboy bunny has been charged for cruelty to cats.

Police in Ossipee, New Hampshire say a dozen cats had to be put down after being found in Bozzio’s home. Some cats were found already dead in her residence, while others were “very ill and had to be euthanized.” Bozzio has bee charged three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and will be charged with nine more counts.

Bozzio spokesman claimed that she had left the cats in the care of a friend, and that Bozzio is a well-known animal lover. Bozzio has pleaded not guilty on the first three charges.

Missing Persons played a blend of New Wave music and electronic pop rock. The band was founded in 1980 in Los Angeles by guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, vocalist Dale Bozzio, and drummer Terry Bozzio. They went on to add bassist Patrick O’Hearn and keyboardist Chuck Wild. Dale’s quirky voice and heavy makeup made the band a favorite on MTV in the early 1980s, according to Wikipedia.

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6 Responses to “Dale Bozzio charged with cat cruelty”

  1. Lorraine

    how depressing. are they going to look into her claim that someone had been left in charge of the cats?

  2. Albert T.

    I think the media is just looking for something neagative to say about Dale, im pretty sure they can find real crooks out there and just leave her and her family alone,

  3. Cyndi

    I live in the area , and no one really cares if she is in a band or not… it is horrific to see how someone can be so hearless. as far as the “cat sitter”.. Dale never gave more than a first name so it would be hard to look more into it.

  4. sekiseishi

    Hahaha. I'm a firm believer in animal rights, but this actually made me chuckle. Mostly because it's true. Besides, there are millions of animal cruelty cases out there. There's no reason to harp on just her for this when so many others are doing the same thing. The media just loves picking on celebrities, though. Those little bastards.

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