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Is The Paris Jackson ‘Hates’ Justin Bieber Story The Oddest Yet?

Paris Jackson Calls Justin Bieber A "Disgrace"

Justin Bieber is allegedly hated by Paris Jackson.

The alleged quote currently in circulation is that the 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson “hates Justin Bieber for ignoring fans’ self-harm,” and thinks he is a terrible role model for young girls.

TMZ ‘s story follows Paris’ admission to L.A.’s UCLA Medical Center last week, after she cut her arm with a kitchen knife and took Motrin painkillers in what is believed to have been a suicide attempt.

She is still being treated at the Center but has now been released from a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

Some context:

Back in January — after online pictures surfaced of a then 18-year-old Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana in a Newport Beach, CA, hotel room with friends — a Twitter hoax by pranksters who pretended to be fans of the pop star, urged fans to trend #cutforbieber and to cut themselves, to get the singer to stop smoking.

The hashtag first trended worldwide at around 3pm Eastern Time on Monday, January 7, and was still trending by early morning Tuesday.

Even though the hashtag was started by Internet trollers 4chan’s /b/, a forum whose users are typically male teens, it took hold online.

“Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because bieber was smoking weed” wrote the Anonymous user (link NSFW) who started the hoax. “See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.”

Members at the forum then set about ways to make their newly created Twitter accounts appear authentic, how to write phrases like a teenage girl, and what sort of cutting photos to use. [Note: The pictures here are disturbing.]

In the end, although many actual female Bieber fans helped make the hashtag trend, 4Chan’s twisted prank was quickly exposed by media outlets. Despite 4Chan’s aim to make teenage girls self-harm, as yet no known reports of anyone self-harming because of the hashtag have been recorded.

Previously, 4chan’s /b/ tried to lure ‘Beliebers’ to shave their heads with a Bieber cancer hoax.

At the time, Bieber did not comment on his Twitter account about the cutting drama. For better or for worse, he may have been advised to avoid becoming embroiled in a particularly nasty aspect of teenage, trolling online activity.

TMZ claims sources say Jackson is (still?) enraged by the January photos of Bieber allegedly smoking weed, his silence over the cutting hoax, and stories about his alleged behavior in the Calabasas, L.A. community she also lives in, describing them as a “disgrace.”

Paris Jackson Hates Justin Bieber

This is an odd story, mainly because of its timing. Notwithstanding Paris’ April criticism of Bieber, she hadn’t then — as far as is known — tried to take herself off the planet.

One media report asks whether it’s an attempt to deflect attention from Paris’ own troubles, which as well as her current medical needs, include her family’s fight against concert promoters AEG Live in a wrongful death suit brought by Katherine Jackson over the death of Michael Jackson.

Until recently, Paris was on the witness list for the trial. It’s been reported that she is no longer required to testify. In addition, she has also been targeted by online bullies over recent allegations that her father molested choreographer Wade Robson when he was a boy and had also been bullied at her (now) former school.

For the above reasons and perhaps others, it seems inconceivable that Paris, who is expected to be released from hospital shortly, would now be lashing out at Bieber and focusing on an online hoax perpetrated six months ago by irresponsible, juvenile Internet users.

But, maybe Paris really is projecting feelings of anger toward Bieber? If so, it seems an odd priority for a young girl at this critical time. Hopefully, whoever is around her at this time will encourage a necessary return to her own issues.

One undeniable by-product of TMZ’s story is that far more outlets are covering it, compared to news of the security video that exonerates Bieber over reckless driving allegations in Calabasas on Memorial Day.

So there is that.

[Image via Mujer Deelite]

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6 Responses to “Is The Paris Jackson ‘Hates’ Justin Bieber Story The Oddest Yet?”

  1. Anonymous

    Who is she to be critical of a guy who never did what she did, try to kill herself by cutting herself; moreover, he is the biggest fan of a guy who not only has smokes pot but simulated cutting his arm on stage the other day. she's a fucking hypocrite. she reads too many dumb gossip sites. I am really pissed at the trashing of this kid who is being smeared by gossip sites who don't correct their stupid reports.

  2. Anonymous

    Firstly, she's not being hypocritical; rather, she's just mad of the choices he's making. Secondly, she obviously has emotional problems, which explains her suicide attempts. She didn't know her dad was addicted to drugs, so your points is irrelevant. And aren't doing the same thing? You know, reading a gossip site? Now that's hypocritical.

  3. Amber Keane

    Paris is a hypocrite. Her behavior for months has been classic attention-seeking, spoilt, Hollywood rich girl stuff. She scares the shit out of her family by attempting some lame-ass suicide (have you seen Blanket and Prince, they're devastated), and now wants to blame Justin for some retard hoax some other retards set up months ago.

    She's not just a hypocrite. She's a selfish, rude, blaming wanna-be. If her father were alive he'd be appalled.

  4. Anonymous As I said she admires Marilyn Manson who used to take drugs such as acid and coke[might still be using pot] and absinthe. And simulated cutting his arm on stage the other day to criticism. Why does she not say anything? He's older than Justin therefore should know better. I trust only two sites for gossip: Inquisitr and gossip cop which are fair and strive to be accurate. She relies on TMZ, etc which are biased and hostile to Justin.

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