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Loch Ness Monster: Scottish Tourism Officials Fight About Whether Nessie Is Real

Loch Ness Monster: Scottish Tourism Officials Fight Over Whether Legendary Creature Is Real

The Loch Ness monster has sparked a fight among Scottish tourism officials about whether the legendary paleolithic monster is real or just a legend.

The business community in Highlands is reportedly split over how to market the monster to tourists. It has become so divided that George Edwards, the owner of Loch Ness Cruises, sent a letter to the 70-plus members of the Drumnadrochit Chamber of Commerce, ripping them for referring to Nessie as a myth.

Edwards said staff at the Loch Ness Centre in the nearby village is overly negative about the monster, turning off tourists with an approach that is too scientific and not mysterious enough.

There is a lot at stake. Tourism in Scotland is on the decline, and those around Loch Ness depend on attracting curious tourists who want to catch a glimpse of the legendary creature.

Edwards said he wants officials in the town to stop being such buzzkills and let the tourists have a little fun.

“Just about every time that [veteran researcher Adrian Shine] appears in the media he talks about big fish and big waves,” Edwards said. “I believe they are doing more harm than good in promoting Loch Ness tourism with their negative theories. How many people come here to see the Loch Ness Big Fish or the Loch Ness Big Wave?”

Shine said Edwards had more personal intentions, and that even he admits the Loch Ness Monster isn’t real.

“He clearly doesn’t think that many other people believe in it either,” Shine said. “The irony is that the serious investigations and presentations such as that at The Loch Ness Centre, afford a great deal more respect to over a thousand honest and sober eyewitnesses by explaining what they have truthfully reported in terms of some rather special features of Loch Ness.”

The former chairman of the chamber of commerce, who resigned at the committee’s request after writing a letter criticizing Edwards, said tourists today don’t care if the Loch Ness Monster is real or not. They just want to understand the culture and learn about the legend of Nessie.

At least some of the businesses in the area are playing along with the Loch Ness monster myth. Jacobite Cruises, a tour company that ferries over 100,000 sightseers across the lake each year, recently purchased $1.5 million worth of monster collision insurance.

But it seems Jacobite’s tactic was as much marketing as anything. The ferry company signed the deal with the Iverness insurance company on the 80th anniversary of the first Loch Ness monster sighting.

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30 Responses to “Loch Ness Monster: Scottish Tourism Officials Fight About Whether Nessie Is Real”

  1. Anonymous

    Nessie be real laddie. I'd bet ya a bottle of Scotch Mist on it.

  2. Derek Dreizen


  3. Daniel Santana

    The Loch Ness Monster is real. I know first hand, and here's how I know: one day, I was approached by a blood thirsty succubus – or so I thought it was a blood thirsty succubus. The alleged succubus approached me, and I said "what do you want, you blood thirsty succubus?" It whispered in my ear, "I need about tree fiddy." It was at that point I knew it was no blood thirsty succubus. It was the damn Loch Ness Monster! I said, "I heard about you, Mr. Loch Ness Monster, and let me tell you something: I'm not giving you no damn tree fiddy!"

  4. Anonymous

    There is more "factual" evidence out there folks regarding Aliens and "Area 51" along with Bigfoot than there EVER was or has been in comparison to the Loch Ness Monster. Yes the loch itself is extremely vast and VERY deep being a glacier lake. However, with our technology today we'd be able to find some "plausible" evidence if this creature was indeed real. So if it's harming tourism why in hell should they care how there marketing this. People who are year-round natives to there given tourist destinations do these kind of things to ramp up revenue for themselves and rightfully so. I live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and ever since we started having Great White Shark sightings over the last few years it's brought tremendous revenue to the town of Chatham where most of the sightings have occurred. And there back again this year, and people will continue to feed coins into those telescopes to get a closer glimpse. Again as I already stated, why do we care so long as the tourists are feeding our economy. After all, this is how we survive our winters… LOL

  5. Bryan Laesch

    They're only fighting over this now? This debate is almost a century old. But, I'd vote to allow the tourists to have some fun.

  6. Justin Walter

    the lochness monster came to my door and asked "I need about three-fity.". I go dammit monster, every time you go to the door you always need a three fity when I don't have three fity. Then the next time he shows up wearing a girl scout uniform and you know what he asks? "I need about three fity."

  7. Ed Hamilton

    This is like arguing over whether Halloween is real with its witches and ghosts. It has to do with the sense of wonder we all had as kids. Some of you seem to have lost that. Vacations are supposed to be fun. Let the tourists have a some fun and bring in some bucks while you are at it. Win-win for all except those who want to be anal.

  8. Lance Mihm

    What is most amazing about this whole story is there are several morons in their business community that think marketing Nessie as a myth will boost their tourism industry.

  9. Debbie Duccini-Day

    Do you think for one minute that if any officials decide to 'debunk' or 'nay-say' the issue of Nessie that people will stop coming? The legend is too embedded and no one will listen. It's like saying there's no Area 51 :-)

  10. Kevin Flynn

    I have some film–amazing stuff. Santa is walking in the snow, about 50 feet away. He turns and looks at the camera for a moment, and then continues walking (the opinion is he is returning to his sleigh and reindeer which are off screen).

    It cannot be a human in a Santa suit–it has to be the real Santa. The beard cannot be fake–even a make-up artist of some renown confirms this. The beard is just too real looking. The suit is so uniform in color that it would be extremely hard to fake. If you look closely you can actually see Santa blink–and the leg muscles are so different from human legs it must be an elf.

    Sure, there are lots of Santa hoaxes, but you have to see this film. I will produce photos soon with measurements, comparing the movement of Santa's arm to a normal human. It's uncanny and fascinating. There are plenty of scoffers, but they will come around once they are presented the evidence. We are hoping to submit a DNA sample soon to prove the elf nature of the being. Stay tuned.

  11. Joni Underwood

    Well I have been there and whether you are looking for Nessie or not it is a beautiful area around the loch and the museum is quaint, it is well worth the visit for the scenery alone.

  12. Joseph D Beaver

    why must society have try to prove everything is not real? cant we believe in a myth or urban legend.let people believe or not believe.wats so wrong with that geez, send me back to the 80s where the world was fun.society is so stupid anymore, no fun.

  13. Joe Harrison

    I have personally been to Loch Ness and to the Loch Ness Centre. My wife and I along with some friends took this trip when I was stationed in England with the US Air Force. We all knew the Loch Ness monster wasnt real but wanted to have some fun and see this very large unique lake and beautiful country. When we arrived of course like other tourists we were hoping to have some fun with the Nessie mystery. Instead the Loch Ness Centre killed the trip for us explaining definitively how the monster could not exist. I think the legend of the monster is what brings people to this area and the local business's should promote it more as a tourist attraction and just allow people to have some fun.

  14. Rogers Paul

    Jeremy Wade has already solved this conflict, it's most likely the Greenland Whale or something related so get over it folks and move on! It's a pretty location to visit with rich history, leave it at that.

  15. Miriam Dosse

    who cares if he's real or not.. the Lake view is mystical & breath-taking already!

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