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Prince William, Prince Harry Visit Ailing Grandfather Prince Philip In The Hospital

Prince William, Prince Harry Visit Ailing Grandfather Prince Philip

Prince William and Prince Harry paid a visit to their ailing grandfather, 92-year-old Prince Philip, who is on the mend after going to the hospital for surgery.

The father of Prince Charles, Philip is said to be doing much better after being admitted for an exploratory operation on his abdomen, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace. He has been hospitalized since June 6, a few days after Queen Elizabeth II pulled out of an engagement for the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

“He is in very good health,” a palace spokesperson said after Philip’s surgery. “He felt unwell on Monday and missed an engagement, but that was down to the fact that he had temporarily lost his voice.”

Prince Philip has dealt with other health issues in the past, including a bladder infection and a blocked artery.

Philip spent his birthday with his wife, Queen Elizabeth, and also got visits from other family members.

His grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry both came to the hospital, along with Charles and Camilla about half an hour later. Not present was William’s wife, the expectant Kate Middleton. The Royal Palace didn’t give word on whether she would visit, but Kate is expected to attend the Trooping the Colour parade in London.

While Philip has been in the hospital, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been enjoying the services of one of his favorite housekeepers. The couple placed an ad in January looking for help, but the decided instead to hire one Queen’s top three housemaids.

“The queen will have given it her blessing,” a source told the Express.

Prince Philip is expected to be in the hospital for another two weeks, putting him out just in time to meet his new grandchild. Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their child to be born July 13.

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2 Responses to “Prince William, Prince Harry Visit Ailing Grandfather Prince Philip In The Hospital”

  1. Anonymous

    We have got to quit wasting money and resources on all these old bassturds to also include Mandella in S. Afreaka, elder George Bush in The US, and partiuclarly people like the Gabor women. Lets let all age doomed people die for the sake of the future of the young. A disgusting waste of medical resources that could be put to better use. That is why hospitals are so profitable, the tab being picked up by the taxpayers for absolutely no reward.

  2. Ric Lotfinia

    Thank you for the best information I have read on HRH's health. I was getting a little concerned over here in the USA. I understood he he would be out around the 21st not the 28th. Anyway, I just wanted some information due to concern and to send him a wish you get well soon post and my best for his family during this difficult time for everyone. Please note folks this is being posted June 25, 2013.

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