‘Eat It Haters’: Cheerios Parody Video Responds To Racist Backlash
Cheerios parody video tells haters to eat it

‘Eat It Haters’: Cheerios Parody Video Responds To Racist Backlash

A parody of Cheerios’ “Just Checking” ad is firing back at the haters who took issue with the biracial family in the original video.

Created by Kenji America, the Cheerios parody video again features a white mother and a mixed daughter. In the video, the little girl asks, “Is it true that eating a healthy breakfast cereal like we do every morning is normal, and that in 2013, the way our family looks shouldn’t be such a big deal?” The mother then tells her daughter that Cheerios is heart healthy and that it is “our God-given right to stuff our faces with whatever we want with whomever we want, no matter what the haters say.”

The little girl then runs off and pours the cereal on her sleeping black mother, who wakes up and says, “What? So now this is a problem?” A yellow screen with the words, “Eat it haters” then appears, with the black mother yelling over it, “Denise, disable the YouTube comments!”

The clever video was created in response to racist backlash surrounding the original 30-second ad, which led to Cheerios having to disable the comments. Cheerios later came out in support of the ad, and said that it would not pull the ad, which was the first time its campaign has featured an interracial couple. According to Cheerios vice president of marketing Camille Gibson, the actors were cast to reflect the changing and diverse population of the United States.

“We felt like we were reflecting an American family,” Gibson said.

So far, the Cheerios parody video has received over 130,000 views and over 3,210 likes, and the response has been generally positive.

“Brilliant down to the last bite,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

“Love it love it love it thank you!!” another wrote.

You can watch the Cheerios parody video below.