animals without necks

Animals Without Necks: Photoshop Trend Is Disturbingly Hilarious

Deep down in the bowels of the internet is a place where animals without necks roam free.

That place is called Reddit. More accurately, that place is a subreddit called Animals Without Necks.

Yes, there is a group of hilarious and eccentric people in this world who love to photoshop animals without their necks. No species is safe. The group has stolen a few inches of spine from elephants, cats, dogs, and even giraffes.

Have you ever seen a giraffe without a neck? It’s bizarre. It’s also pretty funny looking.

This may seem like a place of anarchy to most people, but this small community has a few iron clad rules.

First, no reposts. This is a community with standards that we’re talking about here. Second, no humans. This group is not called “Humans without necks.” It’s “Animals without necks,” and you hadbetter not forget it. And third, no vowels. I have no idea why this rule exists (hv n d wh ths rl xsts) but according to the group, vowels are the “necks” of words. And who am I to argue.

But enough rules, let’s look at some animals without necks.

Surprisingly, there are hundreds of more photos featuring animals without necks. You can check them all out here. But remember, if you decided to post something, y bttr rmmbr t fllw th rls (you better remember to follow the rules).