'Smash Bros' removes tripping and won't use touch screen

‘Smash Bros.’ Removes Tripping, Will Not Use Touch Screen

Smash Bros. will not include tripping or touch screen controls.

E3 2013 has been quite a romp in the updates for gaming news, and one of the big Nintendo games talked about included Smash Bros..

This week it was announced that Smash Bros. would introduce three new characters to the roster in Capcom’s blue bomber Megaman, the Animal Crossing villager, and the Wii Fit Trainer. It isn’t clear yet what the latter two of the three will bring to the game, but if Phoenix Wright could make it into Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, let’s just say we’ve seen stranger fighters.

In a move today that relieves some and angers others, Sakurai has stated that tripping will be removed from Smash Bros. this time. Tripping is any move that stops a player from being able to move, such as knock-downs, stuns, etc., and it was decided that the tactic is just too cheap to be any fun. Of course, gamers who rely on tripping to even have a chance are a tad upset.

There was also the announcement that DLC would not be part of the Smash Bros. franchise, so the roster you start with is the roster that’s possible, making Nintendo fighting fans a little more relieved about the money they’ll be saving.

One aspect of the Wii U that Smash Bros. will not take advantage of is the GamePad’s touch screen. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai has clearly stated:

“You can think of situations where, if you implemented touch controls on Wii U, then the GamePad player would have advantages over other players. We want to balance evenly across Wii U and the 3DS versions, so there’s a balance issue there, which means you would have to avoid using touch screen controls.”

In other words the use of touch screen on the Wii U would make the game unbalanced between Nintendo’s consoles, and they want to retain the element of fairness.

How do you feel about Smash Bros. taking out tripping and not using touch screens?