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‘The Little Mermaid’ Live Action Film In Motion

The Little Mermaid

Over the decades there’s not a single person who isn’t familiar with at least a version of The Little Mermaid. There’s the original 1989 film, which had spawned two other films, and a recent TLC special has gotten in on the image of the pop culture mermaid, with documenting the life of a Merman. In addition we’ve also had the Broadway play. Now it looks like we’ll be getting several tastes of a live action Mermaid film.

The Little Mermaid live action film is something that fans have been waiting to see. Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen’s classic, the film will see the epic journey of a young mermaid princess as she completely abandons the lifestyle she’s used to under the sea, in order to be with her prince on land. It’s said that Atonement’s Joe Wright has been picked to direct the film under a working title that sees Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner as producing partners.

The most interesting addition to The Little Mermaid live action film is Kelly Marcel. The writer, who is known for Saving Mr. Banks and the screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey will be writing the screenplay.

So far we don’t have a clue who will star as The Little Mermaid, but it seems like we’ll have two Mermaids swimming around the cinema. It was announced that Shana Feste, the writer of Country Strong, is working on her own adaptation of a live action Little Mermaid film. Sony Pictures has signed on to bring the adaptation from Carolyn Turgeon’s Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale to life. Whether or not this means that they’ll also be re-imagining Hans Christian Andersen’s version is unknown.

If the two productions get their films off the ground and running, it looks like we’re in for an epic showdown of Mermaid versus Mermaid.

Who’s your pick to play The Little Mermaid? While it isn’t known whether or not the directors will feature Ariel as a red head, we can picture Jessica Chastain or Amy Adams as the perfect fit if the film starts shooting within the next two years.

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4 Responses to “‘The Little Mermaid’ Live Action Film In Motion”

  1. Raina the Halifax Mermaid

    Carolyn Turgeon is a personal friend, and her book is a fin-tastic and unique retelling of the original mermaid stories, that I think will really stand apart from the other movie. Honestly, given the track record of the people involved in the first one listed here, I'm not convinced it'll get off the ground. But I know Carolyn's will be a killer sexy whimsical tail 😉 that'll appeal to many adults! And as a mermaid, I consider myself an authority on the topic haha.

  2. Alex StClair

    Well, that's real nice. But, keep your eyes open for my coming feature movie, MOTHER SEA. There are np ariels, no 'Madisons' (Splash), no Little Mermaids. We felt it was time to bring mermaids out of the story books into 21st Century reality, with no magic powers, no whimsical, cutesy looks, but motivated by love for life, particularly for Planet Ocean, they kick human ass. The time for niceness is over when humans are killing life on the planet by killing the oceans. It's not a low budget film, and we intend taking it to screens worldwide on the face of the mermaid revolution about to sweep the world like tsunami. Of course, a concern is that commercialism may dilute and trivialise the message, and that is why we refused Hollywood's interest and involvment.

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