Cat Burglar Steals Toys and Cell Phone Chargers from neighbors

‘Cat Burglar’ Steals Child’s Artwork, Turns Out To Be An Actual Cat

When we think of the term “cat burglar,” we often think of a skilled burglar who breaks into homes and businesses undetected and then makes off with priceless works of art and jewels. In this case, the cat burglar is literally a three-year-old Siamese cross.

Paul Edwards recently took to Facebook in the hopes of returning various items his cat stole from various owners.

Among the items stolen have been a phone charter, hand puppet, and even a child’s artwork.

On his Facebook page, Edwards writes:

“We take photographs of things that Theo has brought home and put them up on Facebook, saying ‘Excuse me, do any of you recognize these?’ ”

Some of the items stolen by the unsuspecting cat burglar include:

  • Child’s artwork
  • Condom
  • Crisp packets
  • End caps from guttering
  • Fluffy pen
  • Hand puppet
  • Muslin cloth
  • Other cats’ toys
  • Phone charger

Edwards tells BBC News:

“We sheepishly had to go to our neighbor’s with a handful of cat toys, which turned out to be his.”

The cat is a sly operator, earning the trust of neighborhood children who let him into their homes. Once inside, the cat grabs what he can and then makes off like a real cat burglar.

One of the homes on the block has twins, and the cat burglar actually stole a fluffy pink pen right in front of the kids.

So what do the neighbors think about having a neighborhood cat that makes off with their items? It turns out that the unsuspecting cat burglar is somewhat of a celebrity in the area.

The next time stuff goes missing from your own house just remember – it might be the work of a thief – or it might be the work of a bored cat who likes to steal stuff and taken things home with it.