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Poltergeist Exorcism Sends ‘Possessed’ Woman To Hospital

Possessed Woman Exorcism

Riverton, WY – An exorcism was recently performed to rid a possessed woman of the poltergeist inhabiting her body. She was later taken to an area hospital after going into cardiac arrest.

Fremont County Emergency Dispatch Center received a call on Tuesday evening about a woman who was said to be possessed with a poltergeist. Although efforts were made to rid her of the problem, she reportedly went into cardiac arrest after being doused with Holy Water.

Deputies who arrived at the home in Gardens North area outside of Riverton said the woman was breathing when they arrived on the scene. However, she was later transported to Riverton Memorial Hospital for treatment. Authorities said she is currently in stable condition.

“Other occupants of the home then attempted to perform an exorcism. They reported the exorcism activity caused the female to go into cardiac arrest,” Undersheriff Ryan Lee said in a statement.

People living in the house said the poltergeist made its presence known by breaking windows and other items for several days. The occupants stated the “demon” also bit several people during its stay. When it reportedly possessed the 31-year-old woman, they performed an exorcism in an effort to get rid of the poltergeist.

The initial investigation into the supernatural activity at the Gardens North home didn’t turn up any signs of criminal activity. Deputies were also unable to find any proof the possessed woman had been bitten by the alleged poltergeist.

Lee explained the sheriff’s department generally doesn’t investigate cases of the paranormal. However, they are obligated to investigate any calls for assistance they receive.

“Any time someone requests our assistance we’ll respond and take care of them — that’s our obligation to the community. If there are still issues out there (on Firethorn) we’ll be out later to deal with it. If they call again we’re there to help them out,” Lee explained.

What do you think about the poltergeist exorcism performed in Wyoming? Do you believe the woman was really possessed by demons?

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3 Responses to “Poltergeist Exorcism Sends ‘Possessed’ Woman To Hospital”

  1. Robert Helms

    Actually your question is inviting all sorts of nut cases to comment… when there is not enough information on the situation. Do I believe someone can be possessed by demons… frankly yes.

  2. Steve Skulls

    Most mininsters and priests don't know how to handle an exorcism. They don't know the back ground of Demons and spirits, or the history of the religion that they practice. You have to have a relationship with demons and entities/spirites. The people should of got a hold of a "Medium" instead of a religious fool. The Demond or spirit will always take the life of the host when it is scared. I have been studying and practicing for over 10 yrs now, and there are ways to rid the" unwanted" from your home and body. A "Chistianized Exorcism" will almost always end in the death of the host.

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