jeep vs pool

Jeep Lands In Pool After Stupid Stunt [Video]

Spoiler alert: In the epic Jeep Vs. Pool battle, the pool wins.

A group of people in Southern Ontario got really bored this week and decided to try and jump a Jeep over on above ground swimming pool.

The Jeep didn’t make it.

The Jeep manages to clear the first wall but then lands right in the middle of the swimming pool. The audience can’t help but laughing. One person even yells out “you did it wrong” while the young drivers scramble to safety on the roof of the car.

The vehicle busted up one of the walls of the pool but not enough to cause the water to drain, meaning that the Jeep was stuck.

Now what do you do when your Jeep gets stuck in a pool? Well, the bored and ingenious party goers had a few options. One person calmly suggested that they should just drive the car out while another grabbed a chainsaw and started cutting away at the pool wall.

So yes, if you were hoping to see a Jeep jump off a homemade ramp into a swimming pool, get stuck, and then get freed by a chainsaw wielding Canadian, this is the video you’ve been searching for.

And just to clarify a few things, the person who uploaded the video on YouTube said that the pool was in the process of being torn down anyway. The YouTuber also notes that the jeep still runs fine.