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Steve Perry: Journey Frontman Opens Up About Cancer Scare, Losing His Girlfriend

Steve Perry Discusses Cancer

Steve Perry has opened up about his recent cancer scare, telling fans of his band Journey that shortly after losing his girlfriend to cancer he got his own diagnosis.

Perry wrote about falling in love with psychologist and breast cancer survivor Kellie Nash after he saw her on television. Steve was working on a cancer special for Lifetime when he caught a glimpse of Nash and knew he needed to meet her.

He recalled sitting in an editing room with Patty Jenkins when he saw Nash in the opening scenes of the special. He asked Patty if she would send Nash an email to tell her “your friend Steve would love to take her to coffee or lunch sometime.”

But Patty had some news about Nash — her cancer had come back, and she was now in Stage 4 fighting for her life.

Perry wrote:

“I was frozen……. I didn’t know what to do…….. I had lost my mom, dad, grandparents that raised me and I was an only child so my first thought was to maybe not send the email; then my heart said, Maybe we could be friends or maybe she could be my shrink. So I said, ‘Please send it.’ ”

So the two met and fell in love, Steve Perry recalled. He stayed by her side as she battled cancer and moved to New York City for an alternative treatment.

Perry said they “had the most magical summer of our lives together.” But the treatment did not work, and Nash died in December. Steve said he has been grieving the last five months and recalling everything he learned from his short time with Kellie.

“Though Kellie and I were only together for one-and-a-half years, it was a lifetime of love packed into every moment,” he wrote.

Now Steve Perry had had a cancer scare of his own. He recently had a mole removed from his face that doctors found was cancerous. The former Journey frontman had two surgeries, but doctors said they believe they got all the cancer out without a need for further treatment.

Though his heart may be broken, Steve Perry is continuing on with his music.

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29 Responses to “Steve Perry: Journey Frontman Opens Up About Cancer Scare, Losing His Girlfriend”

  1. Gale Smith

    out of all the pictures out there, this is the picture INQUISITR uses…..idiots.

  2. Sue MacDonald

    The writer should get his facts straight. Steve Perry is no longer the front man for Journey. He has not been for many, many years! Please correct this error!

  3. Margaret Grayeb Rosso

    Steve will always be the frontman for Journey to me. What a wonderful thing he did here. I have so much respect for him. Steve, you are a knight in shining armor!

  4. John R Stack

    Journey is nothing without Steve Perry. Steve sorry for your loss. But pal you must move on. Kellie is in a better place.
    now. you will meet her again.

  5. Anonymous

    one of the greatest bands of all time needs you back steve.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow… She was a pretty lady Steve! I'm sorry you had to say goodbye so soon, you shall meet again :)

  7. Anonymous

    The article says "Ex-Journey singer"….. Settle down lmao

  8. Jason James Rubadeau

    I'm just curious what music he "Continues to make"; and why is it that celebrity health scares always have some TV show or movie tie-in.

  9. Tino Burke

    Steve Perry was an inspiration to life with Journey there positive attitude towards life and the way they picked you up and like other bands Boston, Kansas, Styx, Yes, Asia and my list could go on they were what I call real music to the heart and they will always be music that is spiritual to the human soul sorry for your lost Steve and I hope you heal and you to will be togehter again in Open Arms.

  10. Edwin Estrada

    Steve, im with you as it must be "So Painful" to lose a honey that was in your heart. I'm a musician who is also a cancer survivor with the chemo also causing heart and kidney, enzyme problems. I on the other hand hamy heart broken by a woman and ended up in a hospital from my emotional pain along with chest pain. My music though has kept me alive and I will rock until I am no more. To move on is to grow although it's painful and very hard, I'm with you brother, you're a spectacular artist, God bless you Bro!

  11. Carole Logan

    Steve Perry will always be adored…seems that in his life he has had some real low points and some super high points….Steve, 'don't stop believing'…

  12. Rich Galvin

    Much like former Presidents and other leaders the world over, once you have earned the spot, nominally you are called that the rest of your life. Thus since Steve Perry was once the front man for Journey, he will always be the front man for Journey, even when he doesn't physically have the job anymore. This is pretty standard practice the world over as I said, so no need to put ex or current or anything like that in the article. Also, as Ann said, that was what you took away from this?

  13. Nathan Francis

    Sue, I understand the confusion and apologize. I have also taken out information about Journey's recent tour as it was misleading.

  14. Anonymous

    Journey can get as many guys that attempt to sound like "The Voice" as they want, but, they are just fooling themselves, because most of us aren't buying,. There IS only one Steve Perry. Class act, you rock Steve.

  15. Mymeat Urmouth

    He hasn't produced anything since 2005.The story says he still makes music,which is why I said what music? And you call me a dummy….YOU STUPID CUNT!!!!

  16. Ruthie Ysiano

    Steve you are in my heart and in my prayers . May The Lord give you strength . You were her Angel that was sent to her when she needed one weather you new it or not .You are loved by the Angels that watched over you, at the time of your heart break. God Bless you.

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