Paris Hilton loses appetite for Reality TV

Paris Hilton Criticizes Reality TV From Inside Glass House [Video]

Socialite Paris Hilton recently said that she thinks reality TV is bad bad bad because it gives people an unhealthy obsession with celebrity. Paris Hilton of The Simple Life and My New BFF, just so we’re clear.

It’s not that we have anything personally against Paris Hilton, but her comments about reality TV have us raising an eyebrow or two since the form of media can easily be credited as a linchpin of her fame over the past decade.

That old adage “those in glass houses … ” comes to mind.

Still, regardless of the source, Hilton’s comments condemning today’s celebrity-focused culture and potential damage for young teenagers who desire and, in some cases, feel entitled to fame have an air of truth to them.

During press rounds for The Bling Ring, Hilton told Access Hollywood the following:

“I think these kids just wanted a piece of everyone’s life, and they felt the way to get it was by stealing it [referring to the plot of the film].

“So, it just shows what all the kids are focusing on, which is, yeah, reality television. I think it’s really scary the time girls are being raised in and what they think values are, and the fact that they thought they could just break into peoples’ houses and have their lives … It’s just scary that it’s become such a celebrity obsession.”

Earlier in May, Hilton made an attempt to distance herself from her public image and reality TV fame, insisting that she wants to take her career as a businesswoman seriously.

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“I’m moving into the hotel businesses and it feels the natural next step,” she said. “People have never got to know the real Paris Hilton. They remember me for falling out of nightclubs and messing around on a reality show. But that was just a character I was playing. You should see me in a business meeting.”

Though she hasn’t completely left the entertainment world behind, announcing recently that she is at work on a second album which will feature house music.

Paris Hilton pic

What do you think of Paris Hilton? Is she starting to take her life more seriously, or is this just another attempt to get into the headlines?

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