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Russian Navy Deployed To Mediterranean By Putin For Syria’s ‘National Security’

Russian Navy Deployed To Mediterranean By Putin For 'National Security'

The Russian navy is being deployed to the Mediterranean by Russian president Putin for national security reasons.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the deployment of the Russian navy was preceded by Russian nuclear submarines being sent to the southern hemisphere.

The Russian navy deployment is intended to “fulfill the tasks of strategic deterrence” for Russia. It isn’t entirely clear who or what the Russian navy is meant to deter. But Putin’s Russian has begun making antagonistic moves lately, including sending Russian anti-air missiles to Syria’s government when the United States is publicly backing the Syrian rebels.

The Russian navy currently has 16 ships in the Mediterranean sea. Russian General Valery Gerasimov plans to rotate Russian navy ships out and keep a permanent presence of 12 Russian ships.

The Syrian conflict is apparently behind Putin’s decision to create a permanent Russian navy presence in the Mediterranean sea. Putin claims the sea is a “strategically important region, where we have interests connected with ensuring Russia’s national security.”

The only base outside of Russia maintained by the Russian navy happens to be in Syria. But military experts say the Russian navy base in Tartus is “a rundown facility made up of a floating pier and a few aging barracks and warehouses, [which] can’t provide a sufficient backup for the permanent navy presence in the region.”

Putin also claims the Russian navy deployment should not be seen as a national security threat by anyone else:

“Resuming a permanent Russian military naval presence in the Mediterranean sea isn’t saber rattling.”

How do you think the United States should respond to the Russian navy deployment?

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38 Responses to “Russian Navy Deployed To Mediterranean By Putin For Syria’s ‘National Security’”

  1. Troy Hardin

    Don't worry Putin, no one is intimidated by your Navy.

  2. Bernard Doug Cook

    Will they attack Israel if latter carries out it's threat to take out Russian missiles in Syria? Is this 1973 all over again? We very nearly went to war w/Russia over resupplying our staunchest ally, the Jewish homeland!

  3. John Anderton

    No, don't be afraid of the nuclear weapons they have…because this is 'Merica…and in 'Merica, we don't use logic, we use bluster (the most powerful weapon of all).

  4. John Anderton

    "Will they attack Israel if latter carries out it's threat to take out Russian missiles in Syria?"

    I think it is more like that Israel will seeing as though they have a history of doing so to others. By the way, those missiles are surface to air defensive weapons. Only Israel and its defenders would characterize other people defending themselves against aggression as being a threat. Say hello to world war 3 (which will cause the Chinese to seize the opportunity to invade Taiwan)…against a country with thousands of nuclear weapons.

    " We very nearly went to war w/Russia…"

    Except that we didn't. War with Russia was never really a threat in the 1973 war.

    "over resupplying our staunchest ally, the Jewish homeland!"

    Yeah, some ally…one that has never sent troops to any war this country has ever fought, ever – Vietnam (the Turks did), Korea, Desert Storm, Iraq II, etc. Meanwhile, they steal American technology and pass it to other countries such as China, compete with American companies domestically in a way that other countries can't – putting Americans out of work – and cause endless hatred towards the United States by their actions in the Middle East. Number of Arab terrorist attacks on American soil before the 1967 war = zero.

  5. John Anderton

    "But Putin’s Russian has begun making antagonistic moves lately."

    Excuse me. Who has been supporting Syrian terrorists who've pledge loyalty to Al Qaeda? Who supported the same types of terrorists in Libya as they installed a government which recognizes Sharia law? Who has supported the Bahrainian tyranny as they murder women and children with sniper rifles just for protesting against dictatorship? Who has been supporting the Saudi tyranny? Hmm? Who has attempted to surround Russia and other nations despite private agreements not to? Which nation has the world's largest military and used it to invade Iraq, a nation that did not have WMD? Want to say Hussein was a bad guy? Then be ready to also say who was supporting him as he was using WMD to murder 200,000 Iranians in a war he started and was supported in by that certain nation.

    Gee, I wonder what country fits that description? I'll give you a hint: NOT Russia and not 99.9% of the nations on this planet.


    Great exercise in propaganda. It works because 99% of Americans (and Europeans) are brain dead, low IQ sheep. It is a nightmare for those of us who are not.

  6. John Anderton

    "the Jewish homeland"

    It's funny how they can characterize themselves as a "Jewish" homeland when 1/5th of their population is not Jewish. These people force Ethiopian blacks to take birth control (effectively sterilizing them), force Palestinians to ride in the back of some of their busses (Rosa Parks, eat your heart out), and tear up New Testaments in the Knesset (yep, actually happened last year, but I bet you didn't hear about it — Google it if you have the stomach).

    The Israelis have one of the world's tallest separation walls, rivaling the DMZ and the Great Wall of China. The same people who reflexively defend them won't even let us have a fence in this country. Israel is a "Jewish" homeland even though one-fifth of its population is not Jewish. Meanwhile, we aren't even allowed to put a Christmas tree on public property here. Yeah…some ally.

  7. Mike O'Neill

    Putin=a real leader! may their Navy bring some balance to this rebel nonsense and Americas silly support of militant jihady asshats. stay out of other countries internal affairs.

  8. Fred Hof

    Uhh, Troy… Russia has the only Navy that CAN intimidate the United States Navy… just saying

  9. Declan Robert Baine

    you are correct… having been on vessels from BOTH sides during a post Cold War exchange their vessels are NOT equal to ours. period. plus they dont have the numbers, sea air power, or global positioning we do…

  10. Corey Windom

    Uhh, Fred ….. there is not a country or group of countries on this planet with navies capable of intimidating the US Navy… just saying …but we can debate it…Can you defend what you said with facts? I can…….

  11. Corey Windom

    I agree….but its not really worth debating…the world is going to treat this the same way they treat a comparinson between the USA and Chinese militaries. People hate the USA and will always say that whoever is against the USA is stronger than the USA despite the facts that are right there in their face…I wont deny the fact that Russia has an immensely powerful Navy, their entire military is extremely powerful and there are not many countries that can compare. but despite that….They are still a long long long way from the top…Our carrier Strike Groups are the most advanced and by far the most powerful military force this planet has ever seen and will ever see for a long time….especially once the NEW Gerald Ford Class Aircraft Carriers and the Arlleigh – Burke Class Destroyers are put into service……seriously..what would Russia do against stealth aircraft carriers and destroyers..

  12. Corey Windom

    The USA doesn't need to respond at all…..Let's be honest people, Russia's navy is no more of a threat to the USA than North Korea's nukes are…..they might be extremely powerful but $800 Billion a year says that not only are they not as powerful right now but they are also unable to advance as fast as we do…

  13. Kevin Casey

    Russia is NOT playing this smart… the Smart thing would be arm the rebels & allow them to overthrown Assad… Being the nation that did more to win them their freedom they will turn to Russia for Military contracts. A win win for Russia… Sadly they have a conservative fundamentalist nut running their country.

  14. Cody August

    It's all about the oil on this side, man. They've got a shit-ton of it out in that area, and we want a shit-ton of it. Make sense?

  15. Cody August

    What was the nuclear capacity for both sides combined? I remember something like destroying the world around three or four times over.

  16. Toby Webster

    Uhh,no they dont,you dont relize how poor russia is,their Navy is a bunch of old floating shit.

  17. Toby Webster

    I agree with you on that fact that we should stay out of other countries crap,but saying Putin is a real leader…Putin is a Pig and I would like to say it to his stupid face and tell him to do something about it.

  18. Bennett Mills

    It's an oil grab.
    Russia is most likely protecting it's oil sources.
    The Russian military is one of the most feared throughout history. Once they fiannlly organize and deploy, they are almost unstoppable…

  19. Lon Diffenderfer

    I do not view the people of Russia as an enemy, but the government of Russia, especially under Putin, has continually shown that it still holds us as an enemy through their rhetoric and spying efforts. Of course, we have not helped matters by invading Iraq with whom the Russians had major oil production contracts. I do not see us being close allies anytime soon.

  20. Luke A. Fink

    i am sure we will not interfere in their operations and i am sure they will deploy what ever naval forces, land forces and air forces they want too in Syria and we wont do anything about it…

  21. Luke A. Fink

    the rebels are al-queda and al queda is my enemy thus Syria while not the best ally is an enemy of my enemy and really what threat has Syria been to the USA other than they will not bow to the muslim in chief and muslim brotherhood? none i believe… we need not be involved Period!!!

  22. Bobby Funn

    America has Iron Man, BatMan and Man of Steal just mention a few kick a$$ hero; where Russia has Yuri Nikulin and Yakov Smirnoff that make you laugh for more…. really Syria is a Russian Base? not wonder we have no put boots in the grounds, most be very careful now.

  23. Corey Windom

    Luke A. Fink If Russia decides to fight with Syria, i really doubt we will get involved…well, we are already involved I guess, but I doubt we would provide any reall military help. But we dp have allies on Syria's border, and a lot of the Syrian rebels are in one of those countries, so if Russia and Syria tried to invade i am sure would step in then

  24. Corey Windom

    Putin isn't a real anything……we might provide the rebels assistance but we wont fight for them….and you would be an idiot if you think that no oher countries ever get involved in civil wars they are not a part of….we have interests that need to be protected, this civil war is a threat to those interests. so we picked the side that we could beneif the most from…Its how the world works my friend…….and so you know, its not just the US Army helping them,…they are getting help from all of Nato so don't blame the USA…..and no, Russia's military isn't going to balance anything because they deployed their navy where ours wasn't…unlike Russia our military is not in the region preparing for a war

  25. Corey Windom

    an oil grab by who???? the USA??? Do you know that most of the oil we use comes from Oil Wells in the USA? we hardly buy any from the middle east…the largest consumer of middle eastern oil is Japan and China…..and Russia military might have been unstoppable a few decades ago but when the USSR collapsed their power went with them..they have been out of the game to long and we have taken took advantage of it. They might be unstoppable against most countries but i assure you that going to war with the USA would be like them running face first into a wall

  26. Corey Windom

    Russia and south korea are slowly becoming friends and building a strong alliance, i think that could eventually help heal out relationship with russia

  27. Bernard Doug Cook

    Wow, John, I question your knowledge of '73 war! I was in the Army in Europe during that time and do remember us going to DEFCON 3 with there being rumors flying about Russian airborne on their way to Middle East. I think they were a tad upset we were resupplying our ally Israel, much to the chagrin of them/Russkys and their Arab allies. I will stick by, yes our best ally, who send their own soldiers to constant war-like frontiers instead of our conflicts. Bet you weren't aware that many of our armed forces are "members of the tribe!" I'll also bet that our administrations did not want Israeli soldiers there because of political problem w/delicate balancing act we are always playing between support of Israel and need to maintain close contact w/ Arabs at the same time.

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