Saudi man texts on moving car

WATCH: Man Texting On Hood Of Speeding Car [Video]

Do you think texting while sitting the hood of car going at 90 mph is a good idea?

Well, this Saudi man seemed to be very sanguine with the whole thing. This video (see embed below) reportedly was shot on highway of Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh, and has gone viral once it was uploaded to YouTube. He even changes his position on the hood of the car a few times to get more comfortable.

As dangerous and daring as this appears, at least the man wasn’t texting while he was behind the wheel. In the US, texting inside the car is discouraged because of its sometimes disastrous consequences and in about 10 states is illegal for drivers to do so. Federal regulators have been pushing for a similar ban that would apply to the entire country.

Teen deaths from texting and driving have outnumbered those from drunk driving. A study conducted by the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Hyde, New York, revealed that over 3,000 teens deaths per year are associated with texting while driving. In comparison, researchers found that around 2,700 teens died in accidents attributed to driving drunk. According to federal government statistics, Drivers who are using cell phones while driving ate four times more likely to get into an accident.

Late last month, a teenage girl from Missouri died while on the very first drive her parents allowed her to take alone. The 16-year-old was just going to the grocery store to pick up a few items when she was tragically T-boned by a tractor trailer. Following the horrific accident, police said they found an unsent text message on her cell phone, and are investigating to determine whether texting and driving was a factor in the crash

Watch the video of the man texting on the hood of moving car: