Charity soccer match between amputees becomes a brawl

Charity Soccer Match Between Amputees Turns To Brawl [Video]

A charity soccer match between amputees descended into an outright brawl in Germany.

It’s not uncommon for fights to break out at sporting events. In fact, there was a joke a while back about going to a fight where a hockey game broke out. Opposing teams get on each other’s nerves, or fellow team members decide they want all of the glory and hog the ball, or some such nonsense, but it happens.

What doesn’t happen as often is when a charity game with amputee players turns into a brawl. That very thing happened in Germany this last weekend, as the game erupted into a fight between 20 people including able-bodied spectators.

The charity soccer match was between players who only had one leg, so everybody on the field had to use crutches or synthetic legs to be able to kick the ball. It was really quite interesting to see people who couldn’t ordinarily play the game actually doing so with almost the same skill level as players with both legs. These amputees weren’t going to let anything stop them from enjoying a game of soccer, not even the lack of a limb.

What began as a friendly game between teams from Belgium and the Netherlands escalated quickly when someone apparently cheated.

The charity soccer match turned angry when one player tripped an opponent off the ball. Cheaters never make the game fun, and two amputees on opposing sides started yelling at each other. Tempers flared, and the punches flew. More players got involved in the brawl as referees tried to hold them back, but these guys weren’t backing down from the challenge. It was the reason they were there in the first place, not letting a challenge hold them back. Before long, even able-bodied spectators were drawn in as the brawl grew to include 20 people.

Eventually stewards were able to separate the players and fans and bring the brawl to an end.

What do you think of the charity soccer match between amputees suddenly turning into an all-out brawl?