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Pete Rose Autograph Worth $1 Million Per Year

Pete Rose Signature

Pete Rose’s autograph is helping the disgraced MLB player scrape by at the sum of $1 million per year.

When Rose was kicked out of baseball in 1989 for betting on his own games, there was no certainty about his future. Rose petitioned the league’s front office on numerous occasions, but he was never reinstated.

So how does he earn his big paychecks these days? Rose hangs out in Las Vegas where he regularly signs items for enthused fans at the Mirage Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Starting in 2005, Pete Rose began spending around 15 to 25 days per month signing autographs. His appearances have been so popular that he now works 12 months out of the year.

Rose and his business partner sell various pieces of memorabilia for prices between $75 and $800. Want a signature? You need to buy a piece of baseball history.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Rose proclaims: “I must say that what I do, and I don’t mean to sound arrogant about this, but what I do, I think I’m the best at it.”

Most Pete Rose autograph purchasers arrive during business trips and conventions. Rose says it is those travelers and not partygoers who buy his merchandise.

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that a simple Pete Rose signature could fetch so much money. After all, the man was nicknamed “Charlie Hustle” during his Cincinnati Reds games, and that hustle has translated well during his life after baseball.

Fans are more than willing to pay big money to receive the John Hancock for the MLB all-time Major League leader in hit with 4,256, games played at 3,562, at-bats (14,053), and outs (10,328).

Do you think the Pete Rose autograph is worth $1 million annually, or have overeager fans started overpaying for the right to receive Pete Rose’s signature as they spend big cash in Las Vegas?

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19 Responses to “Pete Rose Autograph Worth $1 Million Per Year”

  1. David Black

    if we can have homosexuals coming out in major sports, then pete should be allowed in the hall of fame, he only gambled, these other queers assault the morals of decent people.

  2. Cameron Ireland

    He worked his ass off what what he did. Anything is worth EXACTLY, no more or no less, what anybody is willing to pay. In 40-50 years after he's long gone, they will be more of an investment & piece of history than a purchase! I cannot condone what he did and I do believe others have tainted the game in worse ways. So let's at least learn something from 'Charlie Hustle'… that hard work and determination counts for a lot more than a dose of steroids.

  3. Alan Zenn

    Put him in the HOF! He's a hell of a lot better and more deserving than the likes of Barry Bonds and the rest of the injectors.

  4. Chuck Dygert

    He bet that this team would win not lose-I think that's different than throwing games.

  5. Chuck Dygert

    He bet that this team would win not lose-I think that's different than throwing games.

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    If it wasn't for the moneys being bet on sporting events, Vegas wouldn't exist, believe it, Vegas RULES.

  8. David Ross

    Rose produced each year on his talent alone. Then he is banished. Now, Barry Bonds, Sammy sosha, Mark McGuire, and who knows who else have got their numbers being juiced and drugged. To me , they are the scum bags of sports, not Rose. Since this happened to Rose and then saw how onds used the sustem and lied like a dog, I do not care about MLB anymore.

  9. Keith N. Gillis

    I do have a baseball signed by him, but with that many signatures every year, what will it be worth? Seems to me, the ones that do not sign much would be worth more.

  10. Swami Drahcir

    Glad to see so many positive comments. Pete Rose is one of the greats and deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.

  11. Tim Kane

    So what if Pete Rose Bet on a team winning or loseing a game..No differant than the jerks in baseball today taking drugs or demanding millions and than striking out 200 times a season.. YOU GO FOR IT PETE. SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE IN THE HALL OF FAME..YOU DESERVE IT..

  12. Jeremy Layton

    The implication is that Rose bet against the Reds while he was the active manager of that team and having influence on the outcome of those games.

  13. G Gary Gramson Jr.

    Pete, why are you worried about sounding arrogant? Humility has never been your strong suit but you are what you are. Congratulations on being able to make money the way you want. Apparently it makes a lot of people happy.

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