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Justin Bieber Reckless Driving Defense Powerfully K.O’d By Keyshawn Johnson?

Justin Bieber Defense Ripped By Keyshawn Johnson In Intense Video Statement

Keyshawn Johnson didn’t get to speak to Justin Bieber on Monday night after an alleged incident in which he claims to have seen the teen singer speeding through their Calabasas, Los Angeles neighborhood, but it may well have been better for the star if he had.

The ex-NFL star has now spoken to TMZ , and none of it is anything Bieber will want to hear.

The website posted a video of Johnson which appears to powerfully undermine the unofficial defense made by Bieber’s camp — that he wasn’t driving the white Ferrari — Johnson and another witness say they saw racing at freeway speeds on a 25 mph road.

In the clip, the ESPN commentator is nothing if not frank.

Asked for his take on the ongoing investigation by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department into the alleged reckless driving incident, the 40-year-old said of Bieber:

“You’ve got a 19-year-old kid, you know, feeling entitled speeding up and down the highway. That’s why all the neighbors is mad.”

“Then you’ve got him spitting on people in the neighborhood, you can’t do that. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be.”

Slamming Bieber’s security team as “goons,” Johnson replied to TMZ’s question on whether he actually saw the singer speeding, saying:

“Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and a white kid driving a car.” He added.”I”ve got bi-racial kids, okay, my girlfriend is white. I know the difference. Okay, I know the difference.”

Pressed by TMZ, Johnson reiterated: “I got a chance to see him driving the car, lets put it that way. He was sitting in the driver’s seat.”

Referring to the other component of Bieber’s unofficial defense — namely, that he only got behind the wheel of his Ferrari once he arrived at his home to park it in his garage — Johnson was scathing. [Note: The following is his syntax]:

“If you’re that good that you gon’ switch from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat, and then the driver gonna get in the passenger’s seat and you gonna pull in the driveway then he gon’ get back in the passenger seat just to ride into the garage with you then — something’s wrong.”

Ever mindful of the wider tangents, TMZ can be heard explaining to Johnson that Bieber’s camp produced another individual they claim was driving at the time of the alleged reckless incident, reportedly 22-year-old rapper-producer Tyler, The Creator.

Johnson, who at this point in the video was getting back into his car, replied:

“One thing that he does not have to do is answer to me. He has to answer to the [Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office] D.A’s office, and not me.”

He continued: “At end of the day, all I wanted to do is protect my kids. I’ve got a one-year-old and a three-year-old. He’s 19. My kids have yet to get to be 19-years-old.”

Johnson then brought up the story of the five teenagers killed in a car crash in Newport Beach, Calif., on Memorial Day. Describing a hypothetical scenario in which Bieber might “lose control” of the supercars he drives, the father-of-two’s point was a sobering one.

Sheriff’s deputies who went to Bieber’s home on Monday evening in response to two calls from Calabasas residents about his alleged speeding were turned away from the door by security.

Since then, Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore has issued a stark challenge to the Canadian.

“Mr. Bieber is making statements through others that he was not driving. If he wants to set the record straight, contact us for a sit-down, thorough interview. He has to ask himself this question, ‘If you have nothing to hide, why not talk to us?’ ”

L.A authorities are now considering a possible misdemeanor reckless-driving charge against the pop star.

As yet, neither Bieber or his publicist have commented publicly on the latest investigation or the ongoing battery investigation against the singer in which another Calabasas neighbor claims the teen spat and threatened him during a March argument over a separate alleged reckless driving instance.

Meanwhile, momentum in the exclusive gated community appears to be well and truly peaking.

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50 Responses to “Justin Bieber Reckless Driving Defense Powerfully K.O’d By Keyshawn Johnson?”

  1. Ivan Cardona

    He certainly is one surly and angry man. In the first place, he saw no spitting incident. He is repeating what he heard as well as the other alleged speeding incidents. Second, I am sure that the attorneys with their witnesses will determine the matter-so far it's he said, he said.

  2. Ivan Cardona

    He certainly is one surly and angry man. In the first place, he saw no spitting incident. He is repeating what he heard as well as the other alleged speeding incidents. Second, I am sure that the attorneys with their witnesses will determine the matter-so far it's he said, he said.

  3. Ivan Cardona

    He certainly is one surly and angry man. In the first place, he saw no spitting incident. He is repeating what he heard as well as the other alleged speeding incidents. Second, I am sure that the attorneys with their witnesses will determine the matter-so far it's he said, he said.

  4. Mateo Camacho

    He has to have a license to drive in California. Suspend or revoke it permanently. What does he have to do? Kill or maim someone? For goodness sake, take some action and save the others from his stupidity. Why do we keep protecting those who have and make those who do not have suffer for it?

  5. Allan King

    Just another non citizen making a mockery of US laws, send him home to Canada.

  6. Gil Whitley

    "The sherriffs were turned away by Bieber's security…" Did I miss something here? Since when does some rent-a-cop have the power to turn away county deputies looking into a crime… WTF?

  7. Abe Hernandez

    He learned that from Tiger Tiger Woods ya'll!! If they were to knock on a regular mans door and we said no I do not want to talk to you now comeback later. Dispatch please send S.W.A.T.

  8. Vicki Golz

    Wtf how do SHERIFFS get turned away?? Theyre supposed to be the ones with power!

  9. Glenn Brock

    Hooold on here a minute, this is Justin Beeber we are talking about… not some run of the mill kid. He's got a valid license to drive. Wether its speeding, wreckless driving, drunk driving ect. he is a FAMOUS MOVIE STAR PEOPLE, just like Lindsey Lohan and Brittany Spears… he has a Hollywood right to operate any motor vehicle as he so chooses. They call it diplomatic immunity. Sorry folks but because people love him, he can do whatever he likes, LA police or sherriff or not.

  10. Steve Hutchison

    The jealousy shown towards Justin Bieber is unreal! People lie and say all kinds of baloney about him because they're so freakin JEALOUS.

  11. Anonymous


  12. Michael Rotz

    Steve, were you born full of crap, or did it just slowly creep up on you over the years? What a tawat waffle.

  13. James Juhn

    This kid needs to spend some time in jail , and people need to BOYCOTT that punk and quit supporting his narcissistic behavior and profoundly mediocre excuse for music. What a disgusting example of ignorant selfish disrespectful dangerous immaturity. An absolute garbage human being.

  14. Dave Fiola

    His white Ferrari does 185. He lost his license, now he don't drive. Tough to handle his fortune and fame. Sorry to say but he looks like a dame!

  15. Robert Hobbs

    It amazes me when those who don't have a supportive argument, drop the "jealous" card! Why would I be jealous of a 19 year old punk a(s)s kid, who thumbs his nose at the law and hides behind the skirts of his nanny! All that money will buy, is a fancy funeral!

  16. Anonymous

    Let Keyshawn catch up with him and kick his punk azz. This one calls for a little vigilante justice. Mr Johnson can cop a temporary insanity plea like when he played for the Jets!

  17. Stephen Swain

    Why not put in some really nasty speed bumps. Ferraris and speed bumps are not made for each other. When somebody tears the suspension out of the Ferrari, that will probably get this kid's attention. He seems to be living "la vida loca" with his head far up some sort of unearthly portal.

  18. Marty Wilds

    This kid is a menace to society. If one of us refused the police we would be in deep crap. As for spitting on someone. If that were me he wouls get his little ass kicked and I would gladly go to jail. Someone needs to kick his smart litle ass and I mean kick it good.

  19. Anonymous

    Screw you Steve. That punk goes through my neighborhood like that and somethings bad is going to happen. Best thing he could do would be move away from me.

  20. Wayne S Hicks

    @ glenn Brock: first of all diplomatic immunity is for dignataries from another country politically speaking and this punk kid is not either one. And driving in "ANY" state is a priveledge not a "RIGHT" as you say. As far as being a "movie star" what movies has he starred in?? none I can think of, this kid from Canada is just a spoiled brat who thinks he has to respect nobody or abide by our rules/laws. Just because he is famous does NOT give him the right to do as he pleases according to you.

  21. Anonymous

    he probally had his goons, i mean security next to him when he did the spitting.doing it without his bodyguards would be too much like brave.

  22. Jim Feldman

    let the loser continue what he's doing, hopefully he'll crash into a treee and we'll all be done with this little fagot…

  23. Chad Joplin

    Somebody needs to beat the shit out of his spoiled scrawny ass, everything handed to him cause he can dance and sing with a 9 year old girls type of high pitch. I thought Keyshawn hit him when it said he KO bieber. God I hate rich kids who think they deserve everything. Put him in canadian military and send him to fight in afghanistan. Maybe that little bastard would learn some respect and a lot about life to be a decent human.

  24. Ladybug Xortez

    Did you guys see him driving? A bunch of idiots commenting and you were not even witnesses…. You cannot revoke someone's license just because someone says he was driving fast. I see a bunch of people drive fast and I cannot do anything about it unless a police officer stops them and tickets them. So think before you post! Jerks.

  25. Anonymous

    Woud someone please…finally…bitchslap Lil' Pud? He need to have some consequence from his increasingly obnoxious behavior.

  26. Larry Merchant

    You are on-target Gil. That's illegal, but acceptable if you have enough $. How come the citizens don't get angry and protest? This is obviously racism based on riches instead of merely skin color.

  27. Anonymous

    I agree with you Wayne S Hicks. 100%
    Justin Beiber is just only the name that he's born with and that's it. He can't sing, he can't even drive right, he's no famous movie star and he's no famous celebrity either. Just Justin Beiber is the only name he's born with. Enough said.

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