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Mermaids Still Not Real, Despite ‘New Evidence’ [Video]


Animal Planet stirred up some maritime mythology last year when it released Mermaids: The Body Found. The documentary, which attempted to prove the existence of mermaids, had people around the country wondering if there was a race of aquatic humanoids living deep in the ocean. NOAA even released a statement denying the existence of mermaids but now, thanks to Biologist Dr. Paul Robertson, there’s more video evidence to the contrary.

Animal Planet released Mermaids: The New Evidence this weekend and people are starting to get curious again about the existence of mermaids. The documentary features new footage taken by Robertson in the Greenland Sea which allegedly shows more mermaids.

The documentary had people glued to the television screen and soon Twitter was full of questions about the existence of mermaids. NOAA hasn’t released a statement to debunk the new documentary but Robertson admitted that the documentary was a bit of a hoax.

The biologist told the Mother Nature Network that the program is scientific fiction based on scientific theory.

Robertson said that he made Mermaids: The New Evidence appear like a documentary because he wanted it to be believable.

Robertson said: “I wanted the story to appeal to a sense of genuine possibility, and incorporating real science and evolutionary theory and real-world scientific examples — such as animals that have made the transition from land to sea, much as we suggest mermaids did — and citing real, albeit controversial theories like the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis, grounded it. Using a straight, documentarian approach made the story more persuasive by appealing more to a sense of intellectual possibility as well as emotional possibility. I think the story works because it’s possible to believe that mermaids might have an evolutionary basis; I think it works because you can believe they are real. And personally, I don’t think there’s any story more appealing than a legend that can be believed.”

Here’s a video of the new mermaid evidence.

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47 Responses to “Mermaids Still Not Real, Despite ‘New Evidence’ [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    The documentary features new footage taken by Robertson in the Greenland Sea…. no! the author of this article never even saw the show! Geologists from Denmark took the video and one was on the show. Robertson never said that any of this was fiction. He said some of it was theoretical as is most new scientific discovery. should be called makeingcrap

  2. Nyla Santana

    still waiting to Nessie-the Danes said that you can only see it with your prehistoric mind -since it's a prehistoric creature.That calls for some hypnotic regression.

  3. William Koebke

    You mean to say this looks legit to you? All of this footage looks fake. Why would the cameraman look away from the thing and not zoom in immediately and keep it in the shot. Also the thing is completely covered in shadows, but then it isn't when it moves, and they used an animation cheat with the waves hitting the rock to obscure the fact that it doesn't disturb the water at all.

  4. Ricky Stone

    African-American Brides Actually the actor, Andre Weideman, played a role as Dr. Robertson in the RE-ENACTMENTS on the show. Paul Robertson is a actual biologist who was a member of NOAA. And that was him on the show last night. Get your facts straight.

  5. African-American Brides

    No, he is NOT. There is no such person as Dr. Paul Robertson. The actor Andre Weideman was the one sitting at the "news desk" the entire time across from another actor who was pretending to be a journalist. No one in connection with the show EVER worked for NOAA. See the IMDB page- all actors. Not a scientist in the bunch. It was basically an SNL skit. I can't believe people won't even take the time to Google what they're talking about! Here's a start:

  6. Christopher Phillip Ceparano

    Mermaids were recorded in the past by our ancient ancestors; and presently they are depicted as a legend. However, sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts. But when the legends die, the dreams end; there is no more greatness.

  7. AdamandJackie Greer

    African-American Brides NO. Andre Weideman is the actor who played Robertson in the first special during the parts that were re-enactments. Look up a picture of him. Doesn't really look like Robertson at all.

  8. AdamandJackie Greer

    African-American Brides Look at the actual pictures of Andre Weideman. IMDB doesn't have any that I found, but Google him and you can find plenty. That was not the person on the show. Ricky Stone is absolutely right on this.

  9. Alexis Vargas

    Wow how gullible can you people be lol so is the Loch Ness monster and big foot real too since they have footage on them too?

  10. Andrew Brown

    the author of this article also stole this info from an interview with the producer Chris Foley not Robertson.

  11. Corey Dias

    Have a open mind sweetheart ur prob one of those ppl that thinks we are the only living thing in this whole universe

  12. Jeremy Deen

    I thought the video evidence was pretty compelling. Obviously the author of this article didn't watch the documentary. The video footage shown here is just one of 5 or 6 clips shown. I am not as skeptical as I was at first. Strongly suggest people see the show for themselves rather than take this loser websites opinion on it.

  13. Dre Marcel Qui

    Lol Corey you are so right there's millions of people just like her and the sad part is, is that they will probly never understand

  14. Colby Cady

    Hey geniuses, click the link provided in the story. The creators of the show are the ones explaining it's made up, he just did a story on it.

  15. Jose De La Cruz

    Your all stupid if you don't believe in Mermaids, even if the show is fake it doesn't mean there can't be mermaids, just like the creators said. How can you live on this planet and not believe in evolution, we are surrounded by evidence. I do believe in Bigfoot, the missing link between Humans and apes through the evolutionary chain.

  16. Jose De La Cruz

    Aliens exist too, there is life on one little planet. But yet we are surrounded by all sorts of galaxies. Who is to say there cant be a planet just like ours light years away? No one said they have to be green skinned creatures and all that, but it can be a species of humans that are either less or more advanced then our own technology. I would say more advanced, they have figured out secrets that we have not. They come check up on us out of curiosity, haven't you heard of Atlantis? They had a power plant that ran on crystal energy, when the power plant exploded the Island sunk.

  17. Jose De La Cruz

    Also the Egyptians had model airplane toys and models. Yet there was never planes in ancient Egypt, but there sure were glyphs of individuals Pharroahs of a certain time that had a human body, but with elongated and abnormal body structure. They have been coming around for years.

  18. BriAnna Vodron

    idk… people are going to "its real" and then some people will say "its fake"… either they are or they aren't… maybe they once existed… but unless yall work for the government and how they do things NO ONE WILL EVER KOW HOW THEY MIGHT REACT TO THINGS LIKE THIS! I honestly don't know what to believe… cause people are going to post stories up saying "its a hoax" just like this page did, because of the fact that it makes people go on a rampage and try to make Animal Planet look bad…. HELLO PEOPLE! WAKE THE FUCK UP, just because THIS PAGE says its a hoaxadoesn't mean anything… just like how yall say "just because they have convincing evidence that mermaids are real, doesn't mean that they are… well its the same thing for pages like this… just cause they say its hoax doesn't mean it is… I mean NONE OF US know… now I myself don't know why the government would hide shit like this from us IF it is real… but like I said… WE DOn't WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT SO WE MAY NEVER KNOW! but jeez… this shit is just sad.. if it is true that this is a hoax.. then its a hoax… but YOU CANT TRUST OR BELIEVE ANYONE! CAUSE ANYONE WILL DO OR SAY JUST ABOUT ANYTHING TO GET ATTENTION ON TV! just leave the situation alone… if you guys HONESTLY believe that its fake… then so be it, and leave the people who do believe in things like this alone! we don't know SHIT about the sea below! and YES DUMBASSES the government is a very secret and very sneaky thing… just like AREA51, we don't know what really goes on over there behind closed doors… they could be hiding anything in there… if something secretive was not hidden in there then why would they be so protective about it? IF THEY CAN OR WOULD HIDE SHIT LIKE THAT FROM US THEN WHOSE TO SAY THAT THEY WOULDn't HIDE MERMAIDS FROM US… I mean come one now… yall cant be that close minded… yall think "oh the government is so innocent.. balh blah blah" BULLSHIT! I DOn't TRUST NO ONE IN THE GOVERNMENT! THEY CAN KISS MY FUCKING ASS! they hide things from us everyday… I mean the government is the LAST thing yall should trust in..

  19. Jason Vickers

    African-American Brides and anyone else who is "sure" this video is fake; you really should try to open your mind a bit. It is obvious by the capitalization in "No, he is NOT." that you are angry, maybe even scared. It is okay, there are many things that we do not understand and that neither science nor religion can explain, our universe is an incredible place, that is no reason for fear. There are many things that we will come to discover that will make no sense to us if we do not learn to accept that we do not understand everything, and if you think that our understanding of this world (let alone the rest of the universe) is complete enough to discount anything then you are as ignorant as the men who believed this planet flat. I am an engineering student, science is a very large part of my life, however I believe that there are many phenomena, creatures, and occurrences in existence that science would call myth, fantasy, and magic, yet they are real, and I only hope I live to see more revelations like this. Whether or not this video evidence is 100% legitimate the existence of creatures and anomalies that are not already in our science books is absolutely true, you'd do well to start accepting this. And make no mistake, your religion doesn't have all the answers either, I'm sorry to break it to you but humans have had religions for all of history and probably longer, and yet religions come and go because they become obsolete and/or stop being useful to their controllers. I am not saying that there aren't pieces that are true, in fact Moses may very well have parted a sea, but that doesn't mean that Zeus never walked this planet smiting men and mating with women leaving bastards with beyond human powers. The stories could all be true, or they could be false, but either way there is more to come, and those who do not accept change are doomed to become part of the past.

  20. Jason Vickers

    Interesting that you would tell a man to stop giving his opinion rather than share your own. How do YOU feel, Steven Fischer?

  21. Jalen Ele Morris

    I read the article that he linked and I do not see where he says that the entire thing is fake. More so what I am seeing his him clarifying that they do not have 100% proof and that a large portion of their belief is based on speculation of the anomalies and their findings. It goes on to say that the concept of a land ape evolving into a sea creature is nothing more than a hypotheses, one that is very controversial and is and in no way proven however provides a plausible explanation as to how their theory that the origin of these sounds "bloops" as well as their discoveries are the result of an aquatic ancestor to what we now consider human.

    I would like to cite a paragraph from the exact same link.

    "…And we also cite real-world phenomena, such as the Bloop recordings, the U.S. government cover-up and U.S. Navy involvement in sonar testing and deadly whale beachings. These make the story more convincing, because these phenomena are altogether real. There really has been a strange sound — the Bloop recording — that was recorded in the deep ocean that never have been identified. And the Navy really has denied conducting deadly sonar tests that have resulted in mass whale die-offs only to later acknowledge that, in fact, they really were conducting and still conduct to this day deadly sonar tests that result in mass whale die-offs."

  22. Jon Racioppi

    I don't understand… why do people find it so hard to believe the government lies to the public? Just because NOAA says whatever, it doesn't mean we should sit here and blindly accept it as the truth.

  23. Denise Lankford Carden

    Shayne Marie….stay off of my facebook….love, MOMMY!!!!

  24. Doug Economou

    The surface of the moon has been explored more than the deep sea. No one knows what lies in the deep blue that we haven't found yet. Mankind continues to find new species all the time. Why is it so impossilbe to believe in a human-ish type of aquatic animal? Evolution applies to the sea too!

    I think people just hear the term "mermaid" or "merman" and immediately think of a Walt Disney cartoon or Greek Mythology. People need to open their mind a little and enter in the realm of possibility.

    The creature they are looking at is not a busty blonde with a pitch fork and voice from the heavens. It's a fish of somekind … just something we haven't seen before. It's got my interest!

  25. Doug Economou

    The marine biologists in the "documentary" are actors. This is a hoax… and a very good one at that!

  26. Adam Price

    First off, These views/opinions the author of this article is referring to are not that of Robertson but of Charlie Foley. The 2 documentaries (or however you perceive them) have brought up a lot of controversy. In my opinion, The documentaries merely bring forward true evidence mixed with the aquatic app theory. Of course Animal Planet can't label it as a "true" documentary because their isn't any substantiating evidence that proves that Mermaids exist. I don't believe it to be a hoax but a pseudo documentary solely to bring this information into light. Take it for what it is: A THEORY!

  27. Harvey Brown

    I happen to be a person that has seen big foot I myself would had laught however changed my way of think my little pretty

  28. Hanks Otool

    Rich…u sure do need a hectic diet of carrots to help you…keep doubting ok…cos in your view…someone opened a big box and everything came about like that (including u eh)…simples eh ?

  29. Hanks Otool

    Without clicking the link…are we to believe the us government isn't killing marine life with its experimentation…I bet u gonna say that's made up too…ah well what do I know… Whales like sunbathing these days…a pity they ain't got life insurance for those occasions they get stranded on beaches…

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