Skydiver Falls To Death In California

Skydiver Falls To His Death In California Neighborhood

A skydiver fell to his death in a residential California neighborhood on Saturday.

Authorities said that a group of skydivers were attempting a maneuver over Riverside County when one of them became entangled in his parachute.

The Associated Press reports that the 62-year-old skydiver fell to his death after failing to disentangle himself from the parachute. He landed in the backyard of a home in Lake Elsinore. Although he was rushed to an area hospital, he was later pronounced dead.

According to UT San Diego, the man who died during the skydiving maneuver has been identified as Ken Oka of Mira Loma. Although a preliminary investigation suggests it was likely an accident, the Federal Aviation Administration is launching its own independent investigation into the matter.

Lakeland Village resident Alma Lopez said the neighborhood was in commotion after the accident occurred. She said the other skydivers arrived shortly after Oka hit the ground. Lopez said one man was “hysterical” and wanted to see his friend. She drove the skydiver to the backyard where Oka landed.

According to the Lake Elsinore-Wildomar Patch, CPR was being administer to Oka when Lopez arrived at the residence. Sadly, he would later die at a nearby hospital.

This isn’t the first skydiving accident to take place this year. The Inquisitr previously reported that Gerardo Flores experienced a serious problem shortly after he jumped. He was 13,000 above the ground when his parachute suddenly opened on its own.

“It just exploded. It just it yanked me to the side. Something went wrong. One hundred things go through your mind. You are never suppose to open above 6,000 feet,” he explained.

Flores miraculously survived his 13,000 descent back to the ground. In addition to suffering several broken ribs and a lacerated tongue, he was knocked unconscious for roughly two weeks.

An investigation into what caused a California skydiver to fall to his death is currently underway.

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