The Carlton Dance

‘Fresh Prince’ Reunion Features The Return Of The ‘Carlton Dance’ [Video]

A Fresh Prince reunion on The Graham Norton Show featured the return of famous “Carlton Dance.”

When Will Smith appeared on the program last year, he performed the theme song to his 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The clip instantly went viral, racking up over eight million hits in a relatively short amount of time.

Smith returned to the The Graham Norton Show on Friday with his son Jaden in tow. The two were there to promote their upcoming sci-fi flick After Earth.

In order to show off Jaden’s skills on the mic, Will Smith provided the beat while his son performed a quick song. Although the audience will clearly impressed with the seemingly impromptu show, no one was quite prepared for what happened next.

Will Smith introduced DJ Jazzy Jeff, effectively turning this promotional gig into a mini-Fresh Prince reunion. The rapper and his son then launched into a slightly retooled version of the theme song. What’s particularly amazing about the performance is how many people in attendance knew all the lyrics.

As Smith finishes the tune, it’s clear that he still has one more surprise up his sleeve. Much to the utter delight of fans everyone, the actor then introduced Alfonso Ribeiro. Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual immediately starts playing, causing Ribeiro to launch into his famous Carlton Dance. Will and Jaden also join in, but nobody does it like Carlton.

The grand finale is a dance routine featuring Ribeiro, both Smiths, and host Graham Norton. While the whole thing may sound a little cheesy on paper, it’s actually very entertaining. Then again, this might be the nostalgia talking. You can check out the Fresh Prince reunion by checking out the video below.

Believe it or not, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air has been off the air for nearly 17 years. However, it’s clear that the show, characters, and theme song are just as popular now as they ever were. As of this writing, the clip has already amassed over five million views.

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