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Passengers Kicked Off Airplane For Speaking Russian

Passengers Kicked Off Airplane For Speaking Russian, Spirit Airlines At It Again

Passengers were kicked off an airplane for speaking Russian, according to ABC 10 News. In all, six people, including a business owner, accountant, and teacher, were removed from the flight because the stewardesses “were intimidated by us speaking a different language,” Dmitry Bitman and wife Sana told reporters.

The incident occurred aboard a Spirit Airlines flight to Las Vegas. The group were going to an anniversary party last week when, 10 minutes after getting to their seats, they were removed from the plane.

Bitman said he and others were discussing the party in their native Russian tongue when a worker aboard the flight approached and said, “This row needs to get up and leave now.”

“It was humiliating to be treated that way,” Sana Bitman said.

The passengers kicked off the airplane for speaking Russian said they were given no warnings by the airline before removal. In a cell phone video of the event, 10 News noted, a worker tells the group “You didn’t hear it.”

Sana responded, “There was no announcement.”

Spirit Airlines has not issued a statement or returned 10 News’ request for comment, but the Bitmans said they were issued a refund by the airline. That didn’t get them to Vegas on time, however, and they ended up missing the anniversary party.

The group is now seeking legal counsel. Attorney Daniel Petrov told 10 News that it was illegal to discriminate under these circumstances. “They [passengers] were kicked off the plane for speaking Russian. It’s that simple. It’s illegal.”

Given recent Spirit Airlines headlines, it’s surprising they even issued a refund after refusing one to a dying Marine in May 2012. That incident gave way to a Facebook protest that rapidly shot up to 25,000 likes.

Spirit Airlines has also tried to hide fees from customers in order to win their business. Most notably the company fought against a rule requiring them to include all taxes and fees in advertised ticket pricing. Essentially the airline prefers to say a one-way fair is $67 and then throw in an additional $60 in charges at the time of checkout.

The results: just read through the sea of one-star reviews over at Skytrax, the web’s largest airline review site. As of this writing, 1,165 reviews, and most are none-too-flattering. And Spirit? They don’t really care what you think:

What’s your Spirit Airlines experience? Should the passengers kicked off the airplane for speaking Russian be allowed to sue?

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33 Responses to “Passengers Kicked Off Airplane For Speaking Russian”

  1. Michael Kaufman

    hey Spirit Airlines…you may want to get a new chief….BAN THIS AIRLINE.

  2. Anonymous

    Major out of court settlement because you should not allow stewardesses to make major decisions.

  3. Pat Turner

    There are other airlines. Best way to get business attention is not to use its service or products.

  4. Anonymous

    Stupid Americans.
    Not surprising from a country where 80% will never use a passport.

  5. Jésus Fvk Tørres

    Back when I went to High school me, along with several other Spanish speaking classmates, were told not to speak Spanish by the teacher and other fellow classmates. We were then kicked out of the classroom and written up for not listening to direct instructions. It's shameful such discrimination still lives on today.

  6. Beaumont Oliver

    No need for them most of the time. Most of the rest of the world sucks. That's why we don't need passports. Everything we need is right here. I've been to both Europe and South Korea. Nothing special. I'm content staying here.

  7. Николай Фандеев

    Как пить дать сочинено по заданию команды наших карликов. Дескать, у американцев там всё плохо. Да хорошо у них всё. И не враги они нам. Плохо – это у нас. Потому что правители наши такие.

  8. Gill Hogan

    I have heard nothing but bad things about (Evil) Spirit Airlines from friends who have flown with them. I will never fly with them.

  9. Anonymous

    I bet if they were speaking spanish, they would have been granted….

  10. Jou Baur

    Spirit knows you're a terrorist.
    You don't speak English.
    Better watch it, bub.
    They're liable to drag you onto a plane so they can kick you off!

  11. Jou Baur

    Why should we go to some hateful country, when we have such a wonderful place right here?
    If you don't like America, don't enter it.
    We certainly don't need you.

  12. Jou Baur

    You weren't tossed out for speaking Spanish.
    You were tossed out for not following instructions.
    That's NOT discrimination, that's an attempt to make the class understandable for everyone in it.

  13. Patty Mendoza

    This happened for what happened in Boston, again, not all russians are bad. Why do we get scared? They passed the teasers! They were cleared BEFORE get to the plane! And why we dont get scare when orientals speake their languages?!? Or hispanics or european?! Simply and plain stupid. That's what we get when we generalize all the races, bad bad.

  14. Jean Jones

    This is the crappiest airline ever. They have deceptive bussiness practices and the crews and flight attendants have no education. You wont save that much either with them because they charge you for every breath you take. Pay a few dollars more and travel with a real airline, not this uneducated bunch of losers.

  15. Isobel Noble

    Grow up, people. America is only 350 million out of 8 billion. That makes us a minority. Soon no other country will permit Americans to enter theirs because Americans overseas are often horrible pigs.

  16. Anonymous

    I think the airlines should be shut down… and if spirit airlines doesn't care what people think about this then they are going to go bankrupt and then we'll see who cares.. I am very astonished and it wasn't enough when Virgin airlines kicked a passanger off for not using the computer to order. What's going to be next? Are all airlines going to turn out like this? Are people going to start to take boats and trains instead?

  17. Anonymous

    I wonder what the "rest of the story " is? Report seems to be way too one sided. I wish there was some way to trust what you read. I don't know what is worse bias reporting or greedy "low life" corporations?

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