'Mega Man X' blasts onto Wii U by June

‘Mega Man X’ Blasting Onto Wii U By June

Mega Man X is blasting its way onto Wii U’s virtual console by June.

Capcom’s classic series Mega Man helped define the side-scrolling shooter for generations to come. It was simple, but hard, practically a trademark of Capcom these days. It featured the blue bomber, an android of sorts who blasted pretty much anything that moved and gained the powers of his robotic rivals.

Mega Man X was created to take advantage of a more powerful console at the time, expanding the gameplay of the classic and adding depth without sacrificing the core that gamers craved. Alongside groundbreaking titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario World, it helped make the Super NES a console that gamers would swear by as new consoles came and went.

Capcom’s 16-bit marvel introduced us to a new cast of characters that weren’t possible in the era of the original NES. Zero, Vile, Sigma, and of course a new plethora of bad robots to blast and take powers from helped revive the Mega Man franchise and made Mega Man X the classic that old-school gamers love.

Mega Man X has met with positive reviews for its gameplay, sound, and graphics, as well as its attempt to augment the aging Mega Man franchise. Mega Man is a classic that isn’t going away as long as there are new consoles to port it to.

Porting Mega Man X to the Wii U Virtual Console was just a smart idea that will help Nintendo on its quest to be relevant once again. Mega Man X is slated to hit the Wii U Virtual Console May 30, and alongside future releases such as a 3D Mario, Batman: Arkham Origins, and the recent release of Resident Evil: Revelations, Wii U may be turning some heads that had been previously aimed at the Xbox One.

Are you excited about playing Mega Man X on the Wii U Virtual Console?