Hanson Brothers Beer

Hanson Brothers Debut MmmHops Beer [Photo]

This may sound like a bad joke, but the Hanson brothers have debuted their own line of beer.

The pop group introduced MmmHops (get it?) Pale Ale to a group of people at the recent Hangover Part III after party in Los Angeles on Monday night.

According to E! Online, the Hanson brothers got into the beer business with a little help from the folks at Mustang Brewing. The company is based out of Oklahoma, the same state where the band grew up.

Zack, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson were at the star-studded red carpet event for Todd Phillips’ new comedy. At some point during the evening, one of the brothers joked that people can “now get a hangover with Hanson.”

Mustang Brewing founder Tim Schoelen told Beer Pulse that the batch of MmmHops Pale Ale making the rounds at the Hangover after party was for promotional purposes only. Apparently the beverage hasn’t found its way to your corner liquor store just yet.

“The final recipe is yet to be determined. In fact, Hanson was in our brewery this week working with us on a pilot brew. They’re great guys and serious craft beer fans. We look forward to working with them,” he explained.

Since The Hangover Part III features the band’s hit single “MmmBop,” the brothers decided to use the party as a clever promotional opportunity. According to People, an early scene in the film features Zach Galifianakis singing along to the popular tune.

Taylor Hanson even managed to get a shot of Hangover star Ed Helms at the event. Both guys are holding a bottle of MmmHops Pale Ale. You can check out the photo below.

MmmHops Pale Ale

Unfortunately for fans who are eager to get drunk on the band’s brew, it’s unknown when MmmHops will make its way onto retail shelves.

Are you a fan of the Hanson brothers? Would you be willing to give their beer a shot?

[Top Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com – Bottom Image via Instagram]