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Tramp Stamp Study: Men Really Think Women With The Tattoo Are Easy

Good news, ladies! If you have a “tramp stamp” tattoo, we men really do think you’re more attractive. We also think you’re a slut, according to a recent study.

The soon-to-be infamous “tramp stamp” study was performed by a team of French researchers from the Université de Bretagne-Sud on the beaches of Brittany during the summers of 2008 and 2009.

It found that men think women with tattoos are more attractive and approachable, and that they are more likely to sleep with them on the first date.

Eleven college-aged women rated the most attractive out of a group of 58 visited the beach 20 times during the summer. These uber-hotties wore temporary “tramp stamp” tattoos half of the time. The other half of the time, their skin was spotless as a newborn baby.

When these women were wearing the tattoos, men were more likely to approach and chat with them. Researchers said that men were also quicker in their approach.

The second part of the experiment was simpler: It involved interviewing a group of over 400 men in their 20s who were on the beaches while the 11 women sunbathed nearby.

They were asked two questions: One, how confident they were that one of the girls would go out on a date with them and two, the likelihood of having sex with one of them on the first date. They were also asked to rate each girl’s attractiveness.

The results? The women with the tattoos were more desirable, but also more likely to have sex on the first date.

The study does have its fair share of critics who say that the “tramp stamp” study is incomplete because men were not required to give reasoning as to why they made their choices. Were their selections based on stereotypes? Personal experiences?

The survey also only studied the “tramp stamp,” not tattoos in general.

What do you think of the “tramp stamp” study? Is it just stereotype, or do men think that girls with tramp stamps are fun and easy? Sound off!

[Image via: Pavel Sazonov / Shutterstock]