Apple Ad and Music

Apple’s Newest Ad Is Departure From The Norm, Features Gritty Style, Focus On Music

Apple has released a new 60-second ad in which the tech giant departs from its typical glossy approach for reaching out to customers.

In the new online commercial, Apple touts the fact that Apple iPhone users listen to more mobile music than any other smartphone manufacturer.

While Apple iPhone commercials in the past have focused on brightly lit shots with upbeat music, the new commercial is a departure from that format.

In the new ad, an almost sober musical number is heard playing over visuals that are grainy and gritty.

The commercial focuses on a group of people who are practicing their dance moves, studying, and, in one case, getting out of the shower.

Apple recently announced that more than 25 billion songs have now been sold via the iTunes music store. While Apple claims its customers listen to more music than Android, Windows Phone, and other mobile customers, it doesn’t explain where it gets those numbers.

While it’s true that Apple has a larger song file sales base, other devices are big winners among Spotify, Pandora, Google Play All Access Music, and other applications.

Regardless of Apple’s mobile music claims, the commercial is worth a look:


Not exactly the type of technology pushing ad we are use to seeing in the mobile space. Then again, there was nothing super revolutionary about the Apple iPhone 5’s technology offerings.

With a rumored Apple iRadio product on the way, there is a very good chance that Apple was simply trying to push users towards heavier music play ahead of the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Do you have an iPhone 5? Do you listen to more music on your iPhone device than your non-Apple using friends?