Derek Hough Leaving DWTS

Derek Hough Leaving Dancing With The Stars, Rumor Claims

Is Derek Hough leaving DWTS? That’s the newest rumor making its way across the internet.

Hough just claimed his fourth Dancing With The Stars title, this time with country singer Kellie Pickler. Following his fourth win, rumors quickly began circulating that Hough was ready to exist the DWTS stage.

While this isn’t the first time rumors of a Derek Hough exit have surfaced, this new rumor claims his exit will be for good.

A veteran insider for the popular dance competition tells the Sun Times:

“Derek has always wanted to eventually get back to the stage or other kinds of TV projects and even films. I know he’s had lots of offers. This seems like the right time for him to pursue all that.”

While Hough has received much of his publicity from DWTS, he was already a well respected dancer on the theater scene before entering the series. Hough appears in productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and he played the role of Ren in a West End production of Footloose in London.

Interesting fact: Hough played an uncredited actor in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The Dancing with the Stars actor played a Hogwarts schoolboy in the film.

Ever since joining the DWTS cast of actors, Derek Hough has proclaimed his love for acting outside of dancing.

We have heard many rumors about Derek Hough exiting DWTS over the years, and none of them have been true. However, with his name constantly in the headlines thanks to the show, this could be the perfect time for Hough to try his hand at a serious acting career.

Will you continue to watching Dancing with the Stars if Derek Hough has already taken his final bow?