Man Drives Into Supermarket

Mayor Accidentally Rams Car Into Grocery Store [Video]

The mayor of town in the UK recently rammed his car into the front doors of a grocery store.

St. Edmundsbury, UK Mayor Terry Buckle accidentally drove his car through the main entrance of a Tesco Express on Tuesday afternoon. The 73-year-old man somehow managed to miss the customers who were near the front of the store at the time of the incident.

According to the International Business Times, no injuries were reported at the scene of the accident. However, Buckle was taken to an area hospital for treatment. His family said he was “all right” following the accident.

“He’s home now. He’s fine, and he had an X-ray on his neck, and he’s just a bit sore. He’s gone to bed with some tablets,” the mayor’s wife told the East Anglian Daily Times.

It’s believed that Mayor Buckle, a former bus-driving instructor, may have caused his car to lurch forward as he attempted to secure a parking space near the front of the location. The automatic doors reportedly opened as the car made its way into the store.

“We’ll be working as quickly as possible to get the front of the store repaired and back to normal. We wish the driver a speedy recovery and are relieved that none of our other customers or colleagues were hut during this incident,” a spokesperson for Tesco explained.

Although the mayor caused a bit of damage when he rammed his car into the store, the location is still open for business while repairs are being made.

According to EADT, this isn’t the first time someone has driven their car into the front of the store. A witness told the website that the Tesco was previously hit by another car.

“Someone has done it before, but that time it was in the middle of the night so there wasn’t any risk to anyone,” the individual explained.

Although it was probably a very scary scenario, at least no one was injured when the St. Edmundsbury mayor accidentally rammed his car into the front of the grocery store.

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