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Cashier Sells Self $1M Ticket In Missouri

Two Powerball Tickets CA

A cashier in Missouri sold herself a $1 million winning lottery ticket this week.

According to the Daily Mail, Mary Jane Hart works at the Hartland Pit Stop in Doniphan, Missouri. She sold herself two winning tickets this week. The first was for $500 and the second was for $1 million.

Hart said that news about the winning ticket traveled fast through the town of just 2,000 people. The cashier said that she got a call from a friend saying that the Hartland Pit stop had sold a $1 million ticket. Hart stopped at a convenient store to check her ticket, and then, in a state of disbelief, stopped at another store just to make sure.

The Missouri woman said that she didn’t truly believe until she was standing in the lottery office.

Hart said: “I still didn’t believe it until we got to the lottery office and the guy started shaking his head and said congratulations. Then I knew it was real.”

Hart currently works two jobs to support her three children. The lottery winner said that she didn’t plan on quitting her jobs but did say that she was going to make a few changes in her life. For one, she is going to attend more NASCAR races. Hart also said that she has always wanted to go to Hawaii.

Hart said: “I’ve always wanted to win a jackpot so that I could go to way more NASCAR races than I go to [now], which is a lot … That’s a lifelong dream to want to go [to Hawaii] … I think I can do that now.”

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5 Responses to “Cashier Sells Self $1M Ticket In Missouri”

  1. Anonymous

    I thought that states made it against the law for an employee at a place that sold Lottery tickets to buy a ticket at their place of employment. If they buy a ticket it usually has to be done at another Lottery ticket sales place. She may find this to be true and out two winning tickets. Good luck lady, you may need it.

  2. Dale Mulkey

    why does she spend so much on nascar races if it takes 2 jobs to take care of her family.seems to me like she should be spending less on nascar and more on her family.

  3. Doug Carlson

    Jealous at all, Dale? Anyone telling you how to take care of your family? Anyone ever question you on how you spend your money or what you do for fun? Get a life.

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