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Xbox One Not Backwards Compatible: This Can Be A Deal-Breaker [Op-Ed]

Xbox One not backwards compatible

The Xbox One is not backwards compatible, and, in all honesty, that’s a deal-breaker for me.

The Xbox 720 event today revealed everything we know so far about the now-named Xbox One, so the rumors and speculations are mostly dead now. Unfortunately, the one rumor I didn’t like about Microsoft’s next generation console was confirmed.

The Xbox One will not be backwards compatible, and that poses a problem for long-time Xbox gamers. You can’t play Xbox 360 games on the new console, and you can’t even transfer the games you installed to the hard drive off Xbox Live Arcade. Think of all the money you wasted if you have to replace the console instead of placing the two next to each other.

The Xbox 360 was backwards compatible to a degree, allowing part of the original Xbox library to run on it, given you installed an emulator off of Microsoft’s Xbox website to make it possible. That way, gamers who still liked their older games could still play them as long as the compatibility list included them. If the Xbox 360 had not been that way, I most likely would have bought Nintendo’s Wii instead.

Microsoft should not make us have to choose between our current library of games and upgrading to the next step up. A lot of us don’t have room for another console and don’t want to have to buy a whole new set of games to go with it because the old one would need to be “archived.”

If Microsoft wants us gamers to put money into their Xbox One, they need to give it a fix like they did with the Xbox 360. If I can’t play the games I have now on the new console, the new console is a waste of money to me.

Perhaps with time, they’ll see the problem and offer an emulator patch. That’s how it always seems to be with Microsoft, delivering an unfinished product and then updating the software after consumers complain enough.

Is backwards compatibility enough of an issue for you to say “no” to the Xbox One?

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12 Responses to “Xbox One Not Backwards Compatible: This Can Be A Deal-Breaker [Op-Ed]”

  1. Illutian Kade

    I was holding off on buying a 360 to play the last chapters of Halo. To buy the latest Xbox console….but if only Halo 5 and 6 will be Xbox One..piss on it. I'll just wait till someone uploads the cutscenes to Youtube…..thanks Microsoft you saved me ~$500 (assuming Xbox One is ~$400 + ~$20 per Halo game [Halo 3, ODST, Reach, 4]).

  2. Troy Parsons

    I was thinking after all the troubles I had when I had the 360 I went threw 9 of them all dead after some time of use on the 9th one I gave up and got the ps3 I was waiting to see if the next xbox was going to be better and as long as it had back wards playability I would have tried it but with no backwards playable at all nope ill stick with what I have even if they put a emulator out wont buy why all the emulations suck mess up graphics and much more plus the games I would want 10 to 1 wouldn't work I am a BIG RTS player. So sorry guess I will be waiting to see may now not buy any new units have to wait to see what the release is after these junks get out and see what's up and out after wards! With the ps4 not even letting ps3 games be used I cant see having 2 units a ps3 and a ps4 and none of the games can be used at all on the other so I have to say screw getting any ill just add more games to what I have ps3 and wii and my other units and call it a good yr for not buy more junk that don't do what I want it too! Hey thanks for the great info on this just gave me what I needed to know don't even bother looking up the new xbox waste of time!

  3. Kevin Allen Wild

    After like a year I might look in to getting a playstation 3 or 4. Xbox is not the greatest. You will be able to buy Older playstation titles on the ps4.

  4. Troy Parsons

    Well if you wait til the ps4 is released then the ps3 will be really cheap and a great buy so if you hit a game stop those games will be also cut in price and one then could buy way more games for the buck and what you save on the ps3 then one could buy more titles for it faster! I will once i get this new pc made then start to buy RTS games again for pc due to they are way better on pc then any other system always have been always will just due to the control a pc gives! I dont know what games you like i love my older call of duties just to kill off ppl and i can play them over and over!

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