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McDonalds Broken Glass Incident: Gospel Singer Reportedly Suing For Ruined Voice

McDonalds Broken Glass Lawsuit Filed By Gospel Singer

A McDonalds broken glass lawsuit has reportedly been filed by gospel singer Jacqueline Simpson, 52, who alleged voice complications after digging in to a piece of her chicken sandwich and biting into a shard “bigger than a penny.”

On Sunday evening, the only reports available were from The Daily Mail, The New York Post, and Gawker. Since the Boston Marathon bombing and a few other tabloid-esque reports via Mail and Post, we advise you to take this story quizzically for now. With that said, here’s the info we’ve got so far.

Simpson, a gospel singer and a clerk with the Attorney General’s office, filed suit late last week for an incident that allegedly occurred in 2010 at a Broadway McDonalds. “Now when I sing, I have a hoarse, rattly voice … I still sing alto, but I can’t sing soprano like I used to,” Simpson was reported as saying.

The McDonalds broken glass accusations are hardly the first time the golden arches have had to deal with angry customer lawsuits. In October 2012, The Inquisitr reported on 25-year-old Myika Darbeau, who filed a suit against the restaurant for injuries she sustained in a fight she initiated with an employee.

Rewind a few more months to March 2012, and Shelley Lynn, a former prostitute and employee of the Las Vegas Chicken Ranch brothel, filed on grounds that her brief tenure as a McDonalds employee led to her life in the world’s oldest profession.

In the latter case, Lynn maintained that her husband forced her into the sex trade because the pay at McDonalds was so bad.

As for Simpson, she may have a legitimate case if, in fact, she did bite into that glass shard. Not only has the incident allegedly altered her singing career, but it’s also provided some on-the-job annoyance in her role with the Attorney General’s office.

“I have to make a lot of calls for work, and I have to tell people that I’m not a man,” Simpson said. “Before, that never happened.”

What do you think of the McDonalds broken glass lawsuit — justified, and if so, how much would you award Simpson?

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28 Responses to “McDonalds Broken Glass Incident: Gospel Singer Reportedly Suing For Ruined Voice”

  1. Tyler Audet

    Your vocal cords aren't in your mouth… they're in your throat… she'd have to chew the glass and swallow it. If she's dumb enough to do that, than it's Darwinism.

  2. Anonymous

    If it iz proven that the glass was put in her sandwich from McDonalds then McDonalds ought to pay. The question then becomes how much is that worth?

  3. Steve Clay

    couldn't make any money singing so tries eating glass. If its true she bit into glass then why in the world would she swallow it. Mcdonalds has no glass in their cooking operation or butchering process. So I wish her alot of luck trying to pull off this scam. I did find a roach crawl out from under the tea despenser at our local Mcdonalds and I will never eat there again. But I never thought of a lawsuit, perhaps I should. lol

  4. Anonymous

    Typical, over two years later and filing a lawsuit blaming her inadequacies as a singer on someone or something else. If the judge has any IQ at all, he/she will throw it out!

  5. Anonymous

    waited 3 years? Where's the glass? Big enough to cause problems in her throat, would have caused a LOT of damage down to and into and through her digestive tract. Should have ripped her a new ***hole. Now she's just acting like one. Hope she gets nothing, unless she has clear, incontrovertible truth, something she's probably short on.

  6. Mary Hollingsworth- Lowe

    A piece of glass the size of a penny? And she had no other damage, except in her throat? Then waits at least 3 yrs to sue – I don't care who she works for, she should've brought that up when the incident occurred. Where's the police report she filed? Where's the complaint she made at that time? Give me a break – three yrs? If surgery would fix it, that's all she should be covered for. Other than that, she shouldn't get anything.

  7. John Anderson

    A couple of years ago I bit into a mc chix sandwich an came out with a steel band the type used in chix.The manager came and showed concern to the point of even giving me a free sandwich of my choice.Wouldn't even think of sueing.Human error.I still stop once in awhile.Everyone is way too sue happy.

  8. Brian Hampton

    You're supposed to chew and swallow, not inhale your food. You're voice box is in the trachea, not the esophagus. Swallow not inhale!

  9. Frick n' Frack

    I find the comment interesting about having to inhale vs chew in order for it to even be feasible for the vocal cords to be effected. This given the fact she waited 3 years to do anything….tells me this is a scam. Over all I think she needs to prove actual damages being directly related to this incident. Further, if she gets awarded something then it should be based on reasonable expectations of future medical expenses and actual monetary damages. I am guessing she was not like Whitney Houston or that she actually counted on her voice as how she made her living….that is up until this lawsuit.

  10. Candace Cannon Kritner

    Are you kidding me! Sounds funny to me.

  11. Frank Morales

    Don't you just hate it when in the middle of a meal your crack pipe breaks.

  12. Frank Morales

    Don't you just hate it when in the middle of a meal your crack pipe breaks.

  13. Debi Casner

    Where's the proof? If I had bitten into glass and swallowed it in 2010, my lawsuit would be in 2010 for damages.

  14. Nancyp

    Ok, I want to see the police report, the hospital report, (surely she seeked medical help) the doctor's report that the glass damaged her vocal cords. Wait a minute, it says she bit into it—-THEN swallowed it? Knowing it was a piece of glass? And of course, I want to see the piece of glass. You don't throw evidence away! Ohhh, this story is so full of holes it looks like a piece of swiss cheese!

  15. Julie Briggs

    So basically what I'm hearing is…you couldn't make it as a singer and at 52 you realized you never would so you resorted to the old "There's glass in my fast food, my voice is ruined (eh hmm)…Quick call a Lawyer!"

  16. Paul McDavitt

    I found a hair my hamburger once. Didn't sue for going bald…

  17. Randy Dunn

    It is funny how all these "tainted sandwich" claims happen years before they decide to sue…

  18. Anonymous

    I'd award about $75,000. After reading about what is in a McRib, we should not be surprised at anything found in a sandwich.

  19. Anonymous

    I'd award about $75,000. After reading about what is in a McRib, we should not be surprised at anything found in a sandwich.

  20. Dennis Button

    Its more along the lines of. Singer, has been needs work. Eats glass to make money. By the way. WHO IS SHE?

  21. Anonymous

    Oh, give me a break! It doesn't state that she swallowed the glass. I mean, for it to have any negative effect on you, you would have to have swallowed it, and in such a case, a piece that big would have caused a lot more serious problems then simply effecting your voice! We all put "glass" in our mouths several times a day – Like anytime you put a glass to your lips to take a drink of something. And this fool works for the Attorney General's Office? Is someone there advising her? And, please, I hate to add this, but I can't resist. A gospel singer? And what exactly does that have to do with anything? Majority of them are supposed "born again Christians", and as such would not be expected to get involved in such foolishness!

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