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O.J. Simpson In Court Monday To Argue For New Trial

O.J. Simpson in court

O.J. Simpson wants another day in court, and he’ll get it starting Monday, when he will testify in a five-day hearing in the Clark County District Court. In what has been described as a “Hail Mary” bid for his freedom, the 65-year-old convict will ask Judge Linda Marie Bell to grant him a new trial for his part in a 2007 hotel room robbery at Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Bell has agreed to hear 19 motions from the Simpson defense team, now headed by Patricia Palm, mostly arguing that Simpson’s former attorney Yale Galanter provided inadequate or even dangerous representation.

O.J. Simpson didn’t testify in court in his own defense during the 2008 trial but he now claims that Yale Galanter advised him that it was legal to approach the sports memorabilia dealers to take back his own belongings. He even claimed that he had dinner with Galanter before the heist and was again told that he was within his rights.

Unfortunately for Simpson, a chilling audio of the visit to the Palace Station hotel room — complete with Simpson’s yelling and f-bombs– convinced a jury and much of the rest of America that Simpson was guilty of a violent armed robbery. If he just came to pick up his own stolen property, why the guns and goons?

In addition to accusing Galanter of giving bad advice before the crime, Simpson will also argue that his former lawyer completely botched a possible plea deal. The rejected offer would have allowed Simpson to serve only two years for the crime.

After his conviction for robbery and kidnapping, O.J. Simpson was sentenced to nine to 33 years and won’t be eligible for parole until he’s 70.

While most motions to overturn a jury trial on the grounds of having a bad lawyer don’t succeed, ESPN’s Lester Munson suggested that the argument had a better chance of working than another Simpson try in April 2012.

Then he planned to argue that the concussions he’d suffered as a football player had affected his judgment, somehow making him not responsible for his actions. A 2012 sworn court statement from Simpson said he’d suffered repeated blows to the head during his 15 years as a college and then a professional football player.

His legal team ultimately dropped that idea, and the new O.J. Simpson court filings go on the attack against Yale Galanter.

[1990s O.J. Simpson photo by Gerald Johnson via Wikimedia Commons]

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17 Responses to “O.J. Simpson In Court Monday To Argue For New Trial”

  1. Kimberly Schmidt-Trbovich

    Why are the giving this guy the time of day? I just don't get it is this for humor sakes that they are giving him the time of day my gosh he deserves much worse than just being behind bars after his other crimes he got away with makes me sick!

  2. Gail Oshea

    Just do your time…the world has forgotten all the good killed and attempted robbery since then and now we all know your TRUE self…

  3. Traci Johnson

    That MURDERER only got away with all his crimes because he had so much money then. Now he has to steal from others. I think being forced to dumpster dive would be some good punishment

  4. Craig Kwiatkowski

    Criminal! This Jury got the verdict right.

  5. Maria Battles

    Don't waste any more tax payer's money you A$$hole. You have dragged out the court system way to long. You are Guilty as charged and then some,you sicko.

  6. Sandra Shinglar

    If he wants another trial he should pay for it with his own money and stop wasting everyone elses time and money! You are guilty OJ get over it!!

  7. Vince Lentini

    I find it sad how angry people get at anyone simply exercising an available ,for lack of a better term,right available to him in the judicial system First , he will more than likely be unsuccessful.Second rights and vigorous defense are availablevto ALL Americans not just the ones we like

  8. Nicholas Harding

    So you are his judge jury and executioner?? You also have a GREAT need to read a history book…last I checked, Bush was in office for Saddam's end. also, Qaddafi was killed by his own people…not to mention our wars under Bush were legal.. I think you just hate OJ because you're a racist….at least he didn't kill anyone with taxpayers money….maybe you would make excuses for OJ if he was elected Pres…..another question???… why can't OJ just blame it on Bush…I mean..that works…doesn't it…sounds legit ti me….as legit as your rants of complete retardation… have a nice day…..dumbass…

  9. Kimberly Schmidt-Trbovich

    Nicholas Harding Gee thanks I thought name calling went away when folks grew up I Guess not.. As for OJ your hero kiddo thats awesome you believe what you want to believe okay ?? The man makes me SICK to my stomach and to judge him OH no I am not the first one to judge this low life scum bag oh here I go with name calling boy maybe I need to not do that and ask God for forgiveness and ask him to forgive OJ for MURDERING of two inocent people yep your so right kid thanks for the tips on your knowledge of the world and no Bush makes me sick to JMO … Bye bye now kiddo have a nice day

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