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Gay-Bashing Knicks Fan Video Investigated As A Hate Crime

Gay-Bashing Knicks Fan Video Investigated As A Hate Crime

A gay-bashing Knicks fan video was taken near a playoff game at Madison Square Garden, showing the aftermath of what NYPD believes was a hate crime. The incident is giving a black eye to the sport that just saw the nation’s first openly-gay professional athlete.

The video, released last night, shows eight New York Knicks fans decked out in team colors and jerseys allegedly having just beaten up a gay couple. The attack left 27-year-old Nick Porto with a broken nose and his partner, 22-year-old Kevin Atkins, with a broken wrist.

The couple said they were walking home from Sunday brunch when they came under attack. The group of Knicks fans punched them and pulled hair, leaving their belongings destroyed.

Porto wrote on Facebook:

“A group of Knicks fans were upset about the game and they just decided to ‘f** bash’ the two of us, They called us f****ts. They made fun of my jeans — I made the jeans myself, for that day,” and when he asked why men were harassing them, “Fists started flying. I was on the ground, and the only thing I could do, I reached out and grabbed someone’s hair.”

Police think the gay-bashing Knicks fans were caught on video after the attack, which came as the Knicks were losing in their Eastern Conference semifinal game against the Indiana Pacers.

Though the attack happened between two of the city’s biggest gay neighborhoods — Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea — Porto said he feels responsible for letting his guard down.

“I’m so upset — it’s my fault, I spoke back to them — that Kevin was hit. He didn’t deserve it whatsoever,” Porto told DNAinfo.

The incident comes just two weeks after the NBA saw the first openly gay athlete in a major American sport. While other athletes have come out after their careers have ended, free agent center Jason Collins broke a barrier with the announcement that he is gay.

Here is the gay-bashing Knicks fan video, which shows some of the men police think are responsible along with potential witnesses:

Police have said they hope releasing the gay-bashing Knicks fan video they can get help in identifying the suspects. They urge those with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or online at the Crime Stoppers’ website.

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23 Responses to “Gay-Bashing Knicks Fan Video Investigated As A Hate Crime”

  1. Kace Garret Korthals

    What sad, little creatures they must be. Id almost pity them if they were worth any emotions. Damn shame there are still such people in the world.

  2. Anonymous

    Sad that there are so many people in this country who are so insecure, that they will hurt others to prove to their friends they are into women.

  3. Hal Jordan

    Bash all the faggots everywhere. The Illuminati are the ones perpetrating this homosexuality on society so they can seem more normal.

  4. Anonymous

    people bash asians and nothing happen gays, and then people go all crazy.

  5. Russ Rangel

    I may not agree with that lifestyle, but I would never go out and harm someone for being gay.

  6. Shawn Hodo

    People get beat up all the time whether straight or not. What I don't get is why gays have to be "special" and they attach the charge of of hate crime to it. That's stupid. Let me get this straight (pun intended,) if I'm white and straight and I get beat up walking with my wife, the charge is less just BECAUSE I'm not a minority? I'm not at all condoning what these idiots did, I'm just sick of all these special rights given to a protected class, meanwhile the white man that isn't gay just has to deal with life with no special crutch.

  7. Anonymous

    Maybe asians realize that no matter how much they invent terms like "asian-bashing" people will still hate, so they just say things like "fck-it" and "We don't give a dam" which are more self-effective.

  8. Anonymous

    These perps can kiss both sides of my a$$ if they weren't so repugnant. Turn the other cheek indeed.

  9. Anonymous

    you idiot did you not see the video only 2 out of the 8 were black.. you jackass

  10. David Ketcherside

    thats what angers me, gays shouldn't get beat up, but that shouldn't fall under a hate crime when they do!!!!! im against gays but beating them up is unacceptable, this being called a hate crime is just as unacceptable!! IM ANTI GAY AND PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Steven Pruitt

    it is called a hate crime when the target of said crime is attacked for one particular reason such as being of a different race, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation. When people attack somebody for those particular reasons then yes they should carry larger sentences. The attacker is not doing it just to steal some money or jewelry they are doing it BECAUSE the victim is of a different race, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation from them.

  12. John Farlow

    Hate Crimes are based on the motivation of the attacker , not the action of the attacker. It is very unlikely that someone perceived as straight will be attacked for merely walking down the street, which happens all the times to gay individuals and gay couples. However, someone who is straight but white..or black..or asian..or muslim..and walking down the street in an area where people "hate" other races is likely to be attacked – if not physically at least verbally. So Shawn Hodo, you would be a minority in certain areas of my hometown of Atlanta, GA. And if found there by yourself, unprotected, you might be attacked (very likely actually) in one form or another just because you are white. Now I know that many would say it's not the same because you can't do anything about the color of your skin..whereas many people think that gays can control their gayness..and that's a different debate. Bear in mind that there are lots of people who are attacked because for some reason or not, they are perceived as being gay..even when they aren't. So if you agree that we need certain laws with different penalties based on the intent of the perpetrator then you would agree with hate crimes. We punish people that kill someone intentionally more severely than those that kill someone by accident. Hates crimes work the same way.

  13. Joshua Francisco Getherall

    I dont know how many drunk losers, wwho are at the bar, wwho drink because their life is so shitty, then have to get into a fight because they HATE themselves…lol….90% of beatdowwns are hate crimes, in one way or another.

  14. Logan Karinski

    first of all, most of them appeared to be my people (Latina). secondly, what does it matter if two were black or all were black? it was wrong.

  15. Monteil Randall

    I'm black and bisexual and I'm right with you there dude. However, you don't have to be a minority just to fall under a hate crime. Lets use your example. If someone beats you up while you are walking with your wife BECAUSE you are white, that can still be a hate crime. It all depends on the attackers intent. Only difference is that people will almost never jump to that conclusion like they would for any other race, religion, or sexuality.

  16. Mikey Mistersunsetboulevard

    You're an idiot. Gay are beat up for being gay…you religious hetero nut jobs get to walk down the street and hold your breeding partners hand and never get assaulted for being a breeder. But gays get bashed by you hetero breeders for holding hands all the time. That BUYBULL of yours is sooo loving. Teaches soo much love and tolerance doesn't it? Just typical hetero pigs who are insecure in their sexuality and need to pick on gays. BUT GAYS AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE. WE'RE here to stay..mess with us and you indeed will get enhanced time to serve in jail….know that. Or we'll remind you when we sue your religious homophobic behind for a hate crime.

  17. Mikey Mistersunsetboulevard

    What lifestyle is that? the lifestyle where they fall in love with someone inherently like you do? You heterosexuals need to be more concerned with the divorce rates in your communities..and as for you, a black man, I don't agree with the black lifestyle which is FILLED with crime..rape..drug dealing. If there's any group that has a's you blacks with your rap music fixation and ruining communities. Hows that for a little taste of your own bigotry? you like that?

  18. Mikey Mistersunsetboulevard

    black of Hispanic. most homophobes are black or Hispanic…same people who have no problems glorifying lust, drugs, rap music, strippers, adultery…look at the high number of black and Hispanic youth who have children out of wedlock! but when it comes to gays…they get all biblical. These groups need to worry about their own horrific communities filled with crimes…instead of fixating on gays.

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