Microsoft allows gamers to reveal sexuality on Xbox Live

Microsoft just updated its policy like it was the 1960s, by announcing this morning that gamers are now permitted to share their sexual orientation on their Xbox profiles. That’s awfully good of them!

Previously, revealing which gender you were attracted to could have earned you a ban from Xbox Live, with many genuinely gay gamers cut off from the service for using the word “gay” in their Xbox Gamertags. Now, the newly progressive overlords of the online gaming service have said a number of new terms are permitted, including Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Straight.

It’s probably worth mentioning that only those five will be allowed; Microsoft worked with GLAAD and “Microsoft’s LGBT community” to settle on the terms. Quite rightly, anyone using such words in an insulting manner will still find Microsoft’s banhammer falling upon them.

I’m personally not fussed about revealing my sexuality on an online gaming service, but I know it probably matters to some people out there; Microsoft should have dropped this draconian, backwards rule from the get-go, so let’s raise a beer to free expression! Extended pinky optional.

[Via Destructoid]