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High School ‘Hotness Tournament’ Sparks Controversy In Washington

high school hotness tournament

The High School “hotness tournament” at Issaquah High School in Washington is kind of like the NCAA’s March Madness tournament. Except that it happens in May, involves teenage girls, and has absolutely nothing to do with talent.

Every May, the boy’s at Issaquah High School host a “hotness tournament” called May Madness. The boys encourage their female classmates to dress up for school so that they can vote on who is the hottest member of the student body.

KGW reports that the school doesn’t condone the tournament, but school officials have said that there is little that they can do to stop it. The tournament is held off school grounds (it’s an online voting system), and, if the girls keep their clothes within the dress code, there is little that they can do.

Still, May Madness has caused some controversy at the school.

Student Tristan Robinson said: “Almost every teenage girl has self-esteem issues … And doing something like that is absolutely ridiculous.”

The contest has been going on for at least five years. Parents complained to police last year and the website was shut down. Well, temporarily. The organizers of the high school hotness tournament have started a new website for this year, and they’ve added a few security features to limit accessibility.

Sarah Niegowski, the district’s spokesperson, doesn’t condone the competition, but she did compliment the boys on putting together a well-organized contest.

Niegowski said: “These are pretty smart folks behind this. They know their first amendment rights. They’re very quiet about who it is and the group behind it.”

What do you think of the High School hotness tournament?

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19 Responses to “High School ‘Hotness Tournament’ Sparks Controversy In Washington”

  1. Sam Blauch

    Oh how fucking novel and original. More reasons to feel insecure in this selfish culture is just what teenage girls need!

  2. Alicia Henderson

    So, what's wrong with that? Adults do it every year at the Miss America and Miss Universe Pageants.

  3. Erik Schuman

    The worst part of this is 20 years from now the ones who were "Hot" will be Fat and Ugly and people will wonder how anyone could possibly think they were once hot……….while those who were not considered "Hot" in High School will be hotter at 38-ish than the ones who were thought of as "Hot" in their teenage years. Happens all of the time.

  4. Brandon Groseclose

    who cares? things like this have been going on since forever. If you feel insecure about how you look….get over it. In the real world people are going to judge you based on how you look. Unfair perhaps, but stop letting other people edify or tear down your own self image. Depend on yourself. Odds are none of these people will look like this 20 years from now anyways.

  5. Sam Blauch

    To these teenage girls, it's not as simple as "getting over it." What they'll look like 20 years from now is irrelevant to this embarrassment of a high school function. If you evidently don't care about shit like this, then YOU are the kind of person who is part of the problem as to why some teenage girls are committing suicide over their lack of self-worth and bullied high school life!

  6. Anonymous

    2nd row up, 4th in from the left… gave me an instant boner. UU=====D

  7. Anonymous

    This is all about POLITICAL FAIRNESS run out of our REGIME in WASHINGTOON, DIZZY. You know, GAYS can be MARRIED because it's NOT FAIR that 'a man and a woman' can have a BABY in marriage and THEY can't. Or, a WOMAN has to be a GRUNT SOLDIER because its NOT FAIR that she can't get a PROMOTION because she doesn't have a CIB.

  8. Anonymous

    Good Comments Brandon. If it werent' for the internet and 24 hour news, this wouldn't be an F**ng blip on the radar screen. People are upset over high school kids being high school kids and they have a contest that no one would have known about or cared if it weren't for social media. If they didn't say they were having a contest and the girls still dressed the same would you care abou it? Girls dress to be noticed by guys, or nowadays other girls, and that is human nature. Get over the cry baby self-esteem arguement. We all went thru high school, had problems and most get over them. that is life. Don't look for others to solver your self-esteem issues.

  9. Jessica Shaw-Boroff

    so happy that this is news worthy. come on people get over it. kids will be kids and who cares. are they allowed to pick best smile, likely to succeed? these have been picked forever or is that being mean also? get over yourselves. this is what is wrong with this country anymore. not hurting anyone.

  10. Charity Storey

    The only problem I would have with it is the website…like if the boys are putting pics of all the girls on it & trash talking & harshly insulting some of the girls….that could be damaging….and be considered cyber bullying. But if that's not occurring then it might be ok.

  11. Anonymous

    So, then, what staff member is monitoring that they follow the dress code? At least 2 pictures just at the top of the article violate the local dress code even here in my Sunny Southern California town's high school…and if you say, "Who cares?" well, I'd care if my daughter got so worried about how she dressed for some daily school sexiness competition, rather than just focusing on her studies, I have to say this wouldn't go over well. Where's the common sense here? You cannot hold sexy competitions related to a public school. What class would this tie in with? "But it's held outside of school"…okay, but they wear sexy outfits to school? Parents must be proud. High school "Hottest girl": The crowning achievement of your life? Future sure looks bright!

  12. Anonymous

    Not that I like your content, but what you say is from an adult probably…think of the male students attending class with such young women. How much learning is really going on if this turns school into a sexy competition? Thanks for proving my point. Enjoy.

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