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Len Goodman Throws Tantrum On ‘DWTS’ Over Kellie Pickler Dance [Video]

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Kellie Pickler had two judges praising her perfect performance last night on Dancing With The Stars and another scoffing at her overly dramatic dance moves. Len Goodman threw a bit of a tantrum last night as he argued with judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli.

After Pickler, her partner Derek Hough, and a third dancer Tristan McManus made their way through a dramatic interpretation of the Paso Doble, judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli stood up and applauded.

Bruno shouted: “That was masterpiece theater. It had high art and high drama… I wanted to be part of it. It was so engrossing. So entertaining. Absolutely amazing.”

Inaba said that the dance “took her breath away.”

Len Goodman, however, was less than impressed and gave Pickler a measly 7.

Goodman said that the light show and the music was more spectacular than anything on the dance floor.

Goodman said: “I was expecting more than flashing lights and crashing music… It was a hodgepodge of moves just out there to titillate the taste buds.”

The score outraged Inaba and Tonioli and the three judges started arguing on stage. The audience started booing and Goodman told someone off camera to put something up their a**.

It was a pretty dramatic tantrum. Of course, it may have all been for show.

Hough said after the performance that there was a certain element of manufactured drama to the show and that he wasn’t surprised to see an argument over the dance.

Here’s a video of Pickler and Hough talking about Goodman’s criticism.

Here’s a video of Pickler’s dance last night.

Pickler only managed to get a 55 out of 60 last night but the dancer was immune from elimination due to her performance last week.

Are you surprised that Len Goodman wasn’t impressed with Pickler’s dance moves?

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8 Responses to “Len Goodman Throws Tantrum On ‘DWTS’ Over Kellie Pickler Dance [Video]”

  1. Ron O'Connor

    The immunity was for last week. Kellie was not safe from elimination this week. Please correct that or you'll have people thinking they don't have to vote.

  2. Shirley Grandy

    I like Kelly but I have to somewhat agree with Len…not a lot of dancing in this piece. The visual and the lighting and the fog were great. Not her greatest performance but she is graceful with what little she did and I'm sure that , as for Len's out burst, there is a lot of scripting in these shows.

  3. Roseanne Maresca Bronzo

    I will never watch DWTS again, Len is a moron. How could two judges give her a perfect scord and Len the jerk gives her a seven. This show is fixed. He just wanted to take her out of 1st place.

  4. Anonymous

    It's time for Len to go…..Last year they showed him trying to do the twist and he couldn't even get the timing and moves for that simple dance, how can he judge others?

  5. Laurie Covert

    Len Goodman should be ashamed of himself. He owes Kelly an apology! Kelly, is not a professional dancer. If Len has a problem discuss it with Derek, don't make yourself look like a fool. I always liked Len and found him to be a classy man. I guess I was wrong.

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